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If you’re a plant-based company or a sustainable brand, I’d love to work with you! I create new content every week so I’d be happy to feature your brand in my videos. Please send a message to and we can work the details out. My videos cover a wide range of topics: plant-based recipes, travel vlogs, sustainable fashion, product reviews, and lifestyle vlogs where I show you my day.

Ana Luisa: sustainable fine jewelry brand based in NYC

BetterHelp: professional licensed therapy online

Lingoda: online language school

O My Bag: sustainable bag company based in Amsterdam

The Reserve: superfoods brand based in NYC

Skillshare: online learning community

Yours App: self-care and mindfulness app

I’m an Organic Basics, Colorful Standard, and Vivaia affiliate. I regularly feature their products in dedicated videos or a short mention.

I’ve also collaborated with the following brands:

  • FOSOO: electronic toothbrushes
  • RevolutionRace: outdoor apparel
  • Nordace: travel backpacks
  • Lilova: period underwear
  • XeroShoes: barefoot shoes

if you’d like to work together, please send a message to ✌️

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