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Vegan Guide to Dublin

I ended my 6-month trip around Europe with a long stay in Dublin, Ireland. I was based here from the end of October until the beginning of December 2016.

The highlights of my time in Dublin were meeting my friend, Sheila, connecting with her and exploring County Wicklow, Bray, and Greystones, as well as spending the weekend with my friends Ivy and Leo, who came to visit me from Scotland. That weekend I had the pleasure of showing them around the city, focusing on my favourite vegan-friendly eateries and cafes.

Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge

I visited this cafe so often that the baristas recognised me and knew my order. I like the feeling of being a “regular” at a cafe but my wallet wasn’t so happy with me buying teas and coffee drinks out! At any rate, Accents became my favourite cafe because of its comfy seating and late hours. It might look like a small space from the outside but this cafe takes up two stories. Their lattes, teas, and vegan banana bread were delicious and the baristas warm and friendly. While located in the city centre, this easy-going cafe is a bit tucked away, just on the edge of the main shopping areas.


Cornucopia is all-vegetarian. It’s more expensive than the other places I tried but has a nice atmosphere and the best vegan scones! They have loads of vegan options and even some raw ones, including salads, tarts, and fresh juices. I tried their raw tart once but it was too heavy in nuts for me. I recommend trying their salads and scones instead. Cornucopia is located right in the city centre.

Cornucopia’s lunch combo for Sheila, raw tart and salads for me!

The Cracked Nut

I only tried The Cracked Nut once but I’m glad I did! The Cracked Nut is a small store and vegan-friendly cafe that focuses on natural, raw, and clean food. Their vegan Superfood Wrap paired with a chai latte made a tasty lunch. The Cracked Nut is located south of the city centre, about a 25-minute walk from The Spire.

The Superfood Wrap from The Cracked Nut comes packed full of raw veggies and a lemon tahini sauce. Yum!


In my opinion, Govindas is the best vegan-friendly eatery in Dublin. The portions are huge for the price and the food is homemade, nourishing, and delicious. What more could you want? 🙂

There are two Govindas in Dublin and both are all-vegetarian. I tried both locations with Ivy and Leo, and we all preferred the one on Middle Abbey. The food was better and the portions larger. Here €6.50 gets you a small plate piled high with vegan curries and salads. None of the food contains garlic or onion and everything is absolutely yummy.

I ate at the Middle Abbey location a few times, and all of the curries and salads (and pakoras!) were vegan with the exception of a cheese sauce. Just ask for a vegan plate and a pakora. You’ll be hooked!

The Happy Pear

Sheila and I took a train from Dublin to Bray and then walked along the cliffs to Greystones. Our mission: lunch at The Happy Pear! The Happy Pear is an all-vegetarian cafe with loads of vegan options. Even though The Happy Pear isn’t located in the city of Dublin–it’s about an hour-drive south—it’s totally worth the short train ride and hike.

Buddha bowl (a little of everything), salad plate, and latte at The Happy Pear.


Kaph was my 2nd favourite cafe in Dublin. Their luscious matcha lattes made with coconut-soy (or almond milk) were to die for. Seats in Kaph are limited even though they have an upstairs seating area. Get here early or get a drink to go. (Don’t forget to bring your own cup. 🙂 )

Umi Falafel

Umi Falafel is an all-vegetarian modern Arabic restaurant specialising in (you guessed it) falafel! Nearly everything is vegan and all vegan options are clearly labelled on their menu. Their falafel is fried to order, making them deliciously fresh. They also serve meze platters and salads, but if you’re looking for something a bit heavier, try a falafel wrap with chips.

I put together this vlog when my pals Ivy and Leo came to visit me for the weekend. We tried Kaph, Accents, Govindas, and Umi Falafel. Check it out if you want to see the food in action. 😉

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