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Vegan Travel Guides

I’ve always been a foodie. Foodie tendencies plus a lust for travel means I like trying new vegan-friendly places as often as I can.

Too often friends and followers will tell me they couldn’t find anything vegan to eat when travelling, and that’s an absolute shame! For one, plenty of vegan food options exist everywhere (yes, even in a meat-heavy city like Madrid!) and two, it really just comes down to doing proper research before you travel. With websites like HappyCow, TripAdvisor, and Google at our fingertips, no one should ever struggle to find vegan-friendly restaurants.

That being said, I hope to save you some time by offering my favourite places. That way, if you plan to visit one of these cities or countries, you’ll be prepared! Let me know if you have any recommendations as well! 🙂

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