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My Favourite Cafe in Marrakesh

In my previous post, I shared my favourite vegan-friendly restaurant in Marrakesh. Today, it’s time for a cafe.

Café Des Épices

This was the first cafe we visited in Marrakesh and it quickly became our favourite for several reasons. Most importantly, their espresso and mint tea tasted the best out of all the cafes we tried. It’s also centrally located with plenty of seating, drinks are affordable and their food is pretty tasty too.

The name of the cafe means ‘spiced coffee.’ The Arabic script below that means ‘cafe’ or literally ‘a coffee place.’ Simple and to the point!
Sharing mint tea with guests is a Moroccan tradition. It’s made with green tea, fresh mint leaves and sweetened with plenty of sugar. Thanks to Kuba for this photo.

convenient location with a view

Lonely Planet’s Marrakesh guide recommended this cafe because of its rooftop terrace overlooking the textile market below. Thanks to them for the recommendation!

The surrounding souks (markets) seemed to always be busy but the textile market itself was never that crowded. Relaxing in this cafe with some espresso or mint tea was always a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the medina (Marrakesh’s old town).

The cafe has three levels including the rooftop terrace so we never had a problem finding a place to sit. Thanks to Kuba for this photo from our very first day in Marrakesh.
Café Des Épices overlooks Rahba Qedima (the old square). Thanks to Kuba for this photo.

good prices

The prices are reasonable as well. Compared to all the other cafes we visited, the price of mint tea and espresso are about half of what you’d pay elsewhere.

vegan options

This cafe isn’t 100% vegan but they do have several vegetarian options on their menu. On our last day in Marrakesh, we tried their vegetable sandwich (without the butter) for a quick bite to eat along with our tea and espresso. The sandwich was more like four slices of bread topped with mashed avocado, roasted veggies, tomato, and radish all drizzled with olive oil. It was pretty good for a snack.

Skip the butter on the veggie sandwich to keep it vegan.

I’m not sure if the other vegetarian options on their menu can be veganised, but it’s worth asking. Sadly, they don’t offer any plant milk for lattes. 🙁


The wi-fi at our hostel barely worked so we relied on the wi-fi at this cafe. It wasn’t super fast but worked decently enough for some quick research into other Marrakesh attractions.

Our daily routine in Marrakesh included two trips to a cafe for double espressos and chill time. We liked Café Des Épices so much that we’d happily swing by twice a day.

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Café Des Épices is located at 75 Derb Rahba Lakdima, Marrakesh Medina 40000, Morocco.

Check out their website:

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