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The Best Vegan Food in Marrakesh

We’re back from our week-long trip to Marrakesh! This was our first visit to Morocco and our first time on the African continent. We had a great time!

We weren’t planning on eating out much but after living off of bananas, clementines, bread, double espressos and mint tea for a few days, we were craving some fresh veggies.

It’s not that we didn’t enjoy the fresh fruit in Marrakesh. The clementines were amazing, way better than any of the clementines available in Poland right now. 😉

Cafe Clock

We ate out several times but Cafe Clock was our favourite by far. It isn’t 100% vegan but they offer many vegan options—not just salad! We ate there twice and even came back a third time for our morning espressos. 🙂

We ordered the falafel, hummus and tabbouleh platter; the sweet potato, carrot and celery soup; the vegetable pastilla (a traditional Moroccan baked savoury pie of sorts) with taktouka and the ‘Kech platter. It all came with plenty of bread on the side and we had mint tea and espresso to wash it all down.

Everything was so good!

falafel, hummus and tabbouleh

Both Kuba and I agree that Cafe Clock’s falafel is the best we’ve ever had. Even though falafel is deep-fried, we were pleasantly surprised that their version wasn’t too heavy. We could still taste the beans and spices because they were gently fried to order. Kuba isn’t a huge hummus fan but he liked it! (To me, that says everything!) I thought the hummus was perfect—not too oily or heavy in garlic. The tabbouleh wasn’t saturated with parsley, either, so it was actually light and refreshing.

sweet potato, carrot and celery soup

The soup was tasty as well: deliciously seasoned and not too salty or oily apart from the drizzle of olive oil on top. The sweet potato wasn’t too pronounced but the fresh celery flavour was just what our palate needed.

vegetable pastilla with taktouka

Out of the four dishes we tried, the veggie pastilla wins as our favourite. (Falafel comes in 2nd place.) Truth be told, I like anything wrapped in phyllo dough but this roasted veggie-packed pastilla blew me away.

Pastilla is a traditional Moroccan pastry that usually contains shredded meat. I’m glad Cafe Clock had a delicious vegan version for us to indulge in–twice!! (We went back the next day for another round of pastillas and falafel.)

The pastilla reminds me of a chimichanga (a deep-fried burrito) except this version is lighter. No deep-frying is necessary when you have roasted veggies folded into layers upon layers of rich, flaky pastry.

‘Kech platter

The ‘Kech platter—a colourful sampler of various Moroccan tapas—satisfied our veggie cravings for sure! I couldn’t name everything on the plate but I do know that it was all delicious.

The food was amazing! Everything was fresh, well-seasoned and not too oily. Finding tasty food at a restaurant that isn’t too oily is hard to do so we were so impressed with Cafe Clock’s offerings.

Best of all, their menu clearly lists vegan options (labelled with v/v) as well, which makes ordering easy.

I’m so glad we had the chance to try Cafe Clock! Thanks to Kuba for this photo.

Head to Cafe Clock for:

  • the best falafel of your life
  • delicious espresso
  • big portions!
  • super friendly and cheerful waitstaff
  • live music

The food was so good. I can’t get over it! It was seriously some of the best vegan food I’ve had at a restaurant, if not the best meal out I’ve had in several years.

Check out my 3rd Marrakesh episode to see this food in action!

Request a table on the terrace for cool sunset views! Thanks to Kuba for this photo.

Cafe Clock is located at Derb Chtouka, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco.

Check out their website:

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