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Van Life in Třebíč, Czechia

The city of Třebíč from the garden behind St. Procopius Basilica.

Our next stop after our week in Brno was the town of Třebíč. We could have headed straight to Prague after Brno, but we figured why not spend a night in a smaller city for a change. Třebíč was halfway between Brno and Prague so it broke up the drive nicely. It was also recommended to us by Jindra on Youtube, in addition to a bunch of other cities in Czechia. Thanks, Jindra!

Our plan was to leave Brno in the morning and drive to Třebíč. We ended up arriving there later than we planned because we decided to go into Brno’s city centre one last time for more Tutti Frutti ice cream and a latte from SKØG Urban Hub. It was hard leaving Brno because we liked it so much.


Our first destination in Třebíč was Kaufland (one of our favourite grocery store chains). Parking in the Kaufland parking deck was free, so we’d spend a few hours there as we ate dinner (and breakfast the following day). We’d use their toilets, buy food, and then enjoy it in the van on the top level of the deck. It would have been convenient to spend the night there but since the parking deck had hours posted, we assumed store security would notice our van if we parked there overnight.

We ended up spending the night parked in the Charles’ Square parking lot, Třebíč’s main square right in the town centre. Parking was free after 17:00 (if I remember correctly—it was free after a certain time in the afternoon). It was a little noisy at night because of people leaving the surrounding bars, but other than that we slept well.

Food Acquisition

We bought all of our food from Kaufland. We dined on veggie sandwiches, watermelon, nectarines and other fruit during our stay.

Public Toilets

There were public toilets in the main square but they closed early. We used the toilet in Kaufland in the evening since it was open until 22:00. We also noticed a public toilet on the castle grounds around St. Procopius Basilica but they were closed for the day.

Sites Worth Seeing

The town of Třebíč is small and cute. It’s known for several tourist sites, namely St. Procopius Basilica, the neighbouring Jewish Quarter and Jewish Cemetery. Together these sites were declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2003.

Definitely walk around the castle and St. Procopius Basilica grounds. The views are worth the walk even if you don’t tour the inside of the castle or basilica. It was late in the day by the time we reached the castle so everything looked closed. We simply relaxed in the park in front of the castle before we walked over to the Jewish Quarter.

The Jewish Quarter was my favourite part of Třebíč because of its narrow lanes and cobblestone streets. Unfortunately, my allergies were terrible that day and I didn’t feel like walking around too much, so we didn’t complete the walk to the cemetery. We’ll have to save it for next time.

We tried to visit an observation deck but it was closed by the time we walked to the top of the hill. At least we got some exercise! Check it out if you have the time and the energy.

It might be worth touring the City Tower (Městská věž). The tower was about to close when we arrived so we skipped it. It wasn’t free but would probably be worth the cost for good views of the town below.

The City Tower in Třebíč, Czechia.

The biggest con about spending the night in a smaller city like Třebíč is that finding a toilet late at night can be difficult. In larger cities, we usually rely on 24-hour shops and hypermarkets. Třebíč didn’t have any 24-hour shops as far as we could tell.

We still enjoyed our brief stay in Třebíč. Next time, we’ll definitely swing by the observation deck and City Tower, as well as finish the hike through the Jewish quarter to the cemetery.

Check out our Třebíč vlog here:

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