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Van Life Tips for Olomouc, Czechia

The Main Square in Olomouc, Czechia.

After visiting Hradec Králové for a few days, we ventured south to the larger city of Olomouc. We didn’t plan on visiting Olomouc since we initially hoped to head straight to Brno but I’m glad we changed our plans. It’s not that we dislike spending time in smaller cities (we actually prefer them, for several reasons) but we figured larger cities would be better for Kuba’s busking.

After a quick search for larger cities in Czechia, we discovered that Olomouc, the 6th largest city in Czechia, was only a two-hour drive from Hradec Králové but still in the direction of Brno. Perfect! Kuba also found a campsite located just outside Olomouc’s city centre thanks to the Park4Night app. After a week without a proper shower, we figured why not live a little and spend a few days at a campsite!

We spent six nights total in Olomouc. We enjoyed every minute there besides the time I spent suffering from seasonal allergies, of course! The first few days were the worst. After that, I had some relief thanks to cooler temperatures and better allergy medication. I think allergy season is almost over now. Fingers crossed!

Anyways, here are some tips for you if you decide to visit Olomouc. 🙂

Resort Krásná Morava

When we arrived at Resort Krásná Morava in the middle of the week, we were the only campers. The campsite was busier on the weekend but we still had plenty of space to ourselves. The campsite had several large parking areas and lots of picnic tables and benches–perfect for cooking outside the van! They also had a bar and served food but I doubt they had anything vegan.

The campsite also had electrical hookups and water. Electricity wasn’t free but we didn’t need it anyway. Our solar panels provide more than enough energy for us.

To me, the hot water showers were the best part about staying at the campsite. We had to pay 20CZK (just under a dollar) per shower but that didn’t bother us since it was still affordable.

The showers and toilets were open 24/7. The bathrooms weren’t cleaned that often but they weren’t unsanitary. It’s just that on some of the days, the campsite was busy with rafting and other outdoor activities so a lot of people came through. The bathrooms ran out of toilet paper and the floors were a bit muddy at times, but it wasn’t too bad.

We don’t like the idea of paying for accommodations since we already have a place to sleep in the van, but we still didn’t mind paying for this campsite because of the amenities. We had a parking space for our van during the day, toilets and showers, and super fast wi-fi. Seriously, videos uploaded in minutes!

On our first day at the campsite, we were told it would cost us 200CZK (~$9) per night, but on our last day when we went to pay, we were quoted a different price of 390CZK (~$17.56). Apparently, there was miscommunication among the people who work there, so on the first day, we were only quoted the price per night for a camper van. Instead, we should have been quoted the price of the camper van PLUS the price of both of us using the campsite (95CZK per person). The price was settled to 200CZK per night without any hassle, but it would have been easier to clear that up right away. Everyone working there was friendly and helpful, though, so we have nothing bad to say about this campsite. I would still make sure you verify the price per night when you first arrive, just to avoid any confusion down the road.

The location of the campsite was perfect for us, too, since we could leave the van parked and walk into the city centre. The walk was short and pleasant on a paved bike and pedestrian path along the river. Also, a Billa grocery store is located on the path into the centre so getting groceries was easy.

Camping at Resort Krásná Morava for six nights was a great choice! Not only was it nice to have hot showers for several nights in a row, we didn’t need to move the van every night.

The Machine at Resort Krásná Morava in Olomouc, Czechia.


We didn’t have any experience parking in the city since we left our van at the campsite the entire time. We did notice several parking areas on our walk into town, so finding parking elsewhere shouldn’t be too difficult. I recommend checking out the Park4Night app if you’re looking for a parking spot for your van. It’s been very useful for us so far.

Public Toilets

Since the campsite served as our home base in Olomouc, I mostly relied on the toilets there. We also used the toilets at CrossCafe in town. I don’t remember seeing any public toilets in the city centre.

Saint Wenceslas Cathedral in Olomouc, Czechia.

Food Acquisition

We bought all of our groceries at Billa since it was conveniently located between the campsite and the city centre. The bread there was delicious, too, so we couldn’t resist swinging by every day (usually twice a day!) for bread, fruit, and veggies.


We visited cafes a few times while in Olomouc for wi-fi and drinks. CrossCafe is a cafe chain similar to a Costa or Starbucks. We liked CrossCafe because the cafe had plenty of space (and outlets) for laptops. They also offer decaf coffee, so we were able to order iced decaf mochas with soy milk no problem. If coffee isn’t your thing, they also serve fruity drinks and lemonade. The wi-fi there was pretty fast as well and it was rarely busy. They also had outside seating.

If you’re looking for good-tasting coffee, then you’re better off visiting Fresh Jazz Cafe. I tried an iced soy latte and Kuba tried a fresh juice. Both were tasty! The cafe was small but cute with comfortable seating inside and out. The barista was very friendly and helpful as well. We only visited this cafe once since they don’t offer chocolate or other sweet additions to coffee drinks (the barista rightfully described it as “too American”) but the plain soy latte was all I needed.

Both of these cafes are located right in the city centre, less than a five-minute walk from the main square.

The Main Square in Olomouc, Czechia.
The Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc’s Main Square.
The Astronomical Clock Tower in Olomouc’s Main Square.

In General…

Olomouc is a beautiful city. I couldn’t walk anywhere in the city centre without being tempted to take out my phone for photos. I was busy filming but I still couldn’t stop taking photos in the Main Square. It was just too pretty there!

The city centre was never too busy but there was still enough movement there during the week. On the weekend, however, the city was like a ghost town. This is because Olomouc is a University city, so most students head home on the weekends leaving the city practically empty.

Kuba still had a good time busking in the city centre even though it wasn’t too busy. We didn’t explore much outside of the centre and the campsite area because my allergies were too bad for some serious hiking. We’ll just need to save that for next time. 😉

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Thanks for reading and watching! Have you visited Olomouc before? Do you have any tips you’d like to share?

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