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the best tea house in Sarajevo

When the weather’s nice and we’re out walking around, all I can think about is how much I’d love to savour a latte in the sunshine at one of the cute cafes lining the streets. I’m still abstaining from coffee, so we enjoy herbal teas several times a day at home instead.

BUT since we haven’t eaten out at all since we arrived in Sarajevo, we figured why not live a little! 🙂

I also wanted to film something new so we headed to Čajdžinica Džirlo, a highly-recommended tea house in Sarajevo’s Old Town. I say highly-recommended because several commenters on my YouTube channel listed it in their Sarajevo must-sees and its reviews on Google and TripAdvisor are overwhelmingly positive. That sealed the deal for us!

Čajdžinica Džirlo is quaint and vibrantly coloured, nestled between another promising cafe (one offering vegan cakes and cookies—I’ve seen their sign!) and a coppersmith. Dozens of jars filled with tea line the walls, chill Thievery Corporation-like music in the air, cute little succulents adorn the tables…if only I were still posting to Instagram. 😛

This tea house is owned by a husband and wife team, Husein and Dijana. Dijana offered us her favourite herbal tea when we explained we’d like something without caffeine. Besides tea, they offer traditional Bosnian coffee and salep, a thick, milkshake-like beverage made with hot milk and orchid root flour. (If I knew they had soy milk, I would have tried the salep. I didn’t want to have to explain the vegan thing though…so maybe another time.)

Regrettably, I can’t remember the name of the tea but both the tea and the chat were delightful.

One thing to note, in Sarajevo (and in most of the Balkans, it seems) smoking inside of cafes is commonplace. Because of that, we preferred to sip our tea on the outside patio. Even in the cafes located inside supermarkets, smoking is allowed. It’s a little strange to be walking through a grocery store with the smell of cigarettes in the air, but that’s just how it is here!

Anyways, we had a great time visiting this little tea house. Part of me was a little anxious to check it out because I wanted to film it and that always feels a little awkward, but really it ended up being totally fine and no one seemed to mind our cameras.

You can see more of our tea date here:

Big thanks to Kuba for these photos! Maybe we’ll swing by Čajdžinica Džirlo one more time before we head to Zagreb next Wednesday. Unless you have another tea place to recommend? Let me know! 🙂

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