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My typical day in Sarajevo

Sarajevo's Latin Bridge

We’ve been in Sarajevo for nearly two months now and we’re almost ready to move again! Luckily today’s weather was perfect: sunny all day and so warm that I only needed my light jacket. No jumper, hat, or gloves needed. What an energy boost!

Today was a typical day for us. We wanted to spend as much time outside as possible, so we walked to the market to restock our fruit supply and then walked further to where we were living previously. We walked for an hour to go grocery shopping just because it was such a nice day. Food always seems like a good excuse for a walk, don’t you think?

Walking through Sarajevo’s Old Town. Thanks to Kuba for this photo!

I find any excuse to go out for a walk because I have so much energy lately. Maybe it’s the weather or the fact that I’m beyond excited about our travel plans in the next few weeks. I’m honestly a little surprised that I feel so well especially after quitting coffee a few weeks ago. After surviving the first week without it, I no longer suffer from withdrawal symptoms or energy slumps. Perhaps my daily coffee habit was counterproductive.

We even started running in the mornings again, just for 20 minutes or so every other day. It’s been a few years since I ran seriously, so I’m looking forward to getting back into it! I doubt I’ll work my way back up to marathon distances because 1) I don’t want to spend several hours every other day running and 2) my ankles might not survive the training!

I’ve never suffered from ankle problems before, but ever since I tried running in my Merrells in Zagreb, my ankles kill me while running. Now I run in my Xero Shoes sandals without any issues (so far). I’m hoping I can continue to do so because then I wouldn’t need to buy running shoes. Still, I plan on scoping out some shoes once I’m back in the States in May.

These kids were laying on the ground with their hands full of seeds. Thanks again to Kuba for this photo.

And even though I haven’t cycled in forever, I would really like to get a bicycle at some point once we have our van sorted. I’m not sure where we’d store the thing, but cycling around would be fun and a great way to burn off this energy! 🙂

Feel free to check out our day in today’s vlog:

Thanks for reading (and watching)! 🙂

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