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How to downsize your wardrobe

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Do you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear?

I struggled with this before I started my journey into minimalism. I had closets packed full of clothes and dozens of pairs of shoes, some of them never worn. I bought these clothes just in case I needed them (perhaps for a night out) or because they were simply on sale and I felt compelled to spend money. Part of me hoped this would cure my boredom or make me feel better about myself.

Shopping was just a hobby of mine, something I did because a) everyone else does it and b) spending money is fun and arguably addictive. I didn’t realise this at the time but the satisfaction from buying new stuff is fleeting. It never lasts. You’re just left with too many clothes, too much stuff, and too little money.

Minimalism helped me snap out of this shopping-to-fill-a-void mentality.

I had to adjust my spending habits and start appreciating not buying things if I wanted real change in my life. I started to downsize my wardrobe because I had to, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to start travelling nomadically.

I didn’t expect downsizing my wardrobe to have such an impact on the rest of my life, but it did! What once started out of a need to make nomadic travelling easier quickly turned into a life philosophy. I learned that less is, in fact, more and that my life is richer without all the unnecessary stuff cluttering my home and my mind.

While it isn’t necessary that everyone minimise their wardrobe so they can live out of a bag, I do believe most of us can benefit from simplifying the clothes we own and wear. A smaller wardrobe is better for us as it makes choosing outfits, shopping, and laundry easier, and it’s better for the environment (and our wallets) because we only buy clothes when we actually need them.

In my latest video, I share with you some tips to help you simplify your clothing. I explain how I downsized my massive wardrobe to just 30 items and why I basically wear the same thing every day.

I also address some concerns you might have, like: Will people notice I wear the same thing? Will I need to do laundry more often? What if I get rid of an item but I end up needing it later? And of course, I share with you the many benefits of living simply with fewer clothes.

I hope you find my video useful. Feel free to check out my previous videos as well. 🙂

In this video, I go through every item in my minimalist wardrobe.

Here I offer you some tips to reduce laundry as well as explain how we wash our clothes. We use soap nuts which are natural shells of berries. Soap nuts are eco-friendly, vegan, and cost-effective as they are very cheap.

I hope these videos inspire you to downsize your wardrobe. Fewer clothes mean less stress as well as time and money saved. Why not start cleaning out your closet today? Who knows where you’ll end up! 😉

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