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Cañada del Lobo hike in Torremolinos

For our third hike in Spain, we went back to the trailhead of the Pinar de los Manantiales hike, located a short walk from the city centre.

We continued a bit further down the road past this trailhead and turned left. This other hike, called Cañada del Lobo, would take us in a loop. We’d climb higher but eventually circle back to the Pinar de los Manantiales trailhead. The second half of Cañada del Lobo would be familiar to us since we hiked it previously.

Special thanks to my husband Kuba for letting me share his photos in this post.

We chose Sunday for our hike since it was one of the coolest days that week. The cool breeze at our backs made the climb to the top easy. We passed a few hikers and a group of mountain bikers but for the most part, the trail was empty.

At the summit, we learned why this hike had lobo, which means wolf in Spanish, in its name.


There were two viewpoints at the summit: one at the wolf and one in front of a nature classroom, aula de la naturaleza. We sat in front of the nature classroom and refuelled with our lunch of brown rice and cherries.

cañada del lobo--7

The way down the mountain wasn’t as easy as the climb. It was quite rocky and at one point the trail was so narrow that we had to hug the side of a cliff to pass through. Fortunately, there was a cable to hold on to. Luckily for me, since I’m terrified of heights, this part of the trail was short.

I prefer this hike over the Pinar de los Manantiales because the scenery was more interesting. Instead of just hiking through meadows in the full sun, we hiked through little pine forests with plenty of shade. In addition to the impressive views of the sea below, the summit offered a comfortable rest area with benches and plenty of places to sit.

cañada del lobo--6

The entire hike took us four hours. We weren’t walking that quickly and took a few short breaks to take photos. I did get far too much sun on my shoulders and back but at least now I have a good tanned base layer to last me through the summer. (I will wear a t-shirt next time!)

cañada del lobo--5

The best part about hiking, at least for me, is knowing I’ll follow the hike with a massive carb-filled dinner. Our dinner was incredible that day. We were so hungry after walking over 10 miles in one go! 🙂

Be sure to check out Kuba’s vlog of our hike:

Thanks for reading and watching! 🙂

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