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One last trip to Glasgow

I travelled to Glasgow last week so I could catch up with a few friends. I can’t believe I only have a few days left here in Scotland! Kuba and I will be on our way to Torremolinos, Spain this Friday afternoon. 🙂

Glasgow was my first home after leaving the States in December 2015. I moved to Glasgow without ever visiting the city before, only because my now-friend Katie graciously let me rent out a room in her flat. Katie and I only had correspondence online, but everything worked out better than I could have predicted. I feel like I lucked out with my living situation because I feel like we had perfect flatmate chemistry if that makes sense!

I planned to meet up with Katie for lunch since I’d only be in Glasgow this one last time. I’m so lucky that I had the chance to connect with her. I doubt I would have had such a good time in Glasgow if my living situation were different. She has the sweetest, most well-behaved dog named Smash (the one that I recently dog-sat here in Dundee) and I enjoyed every second of my time at her flat in the West End. I lived with her and a second flatmate, Cat, for four months before I moved to Dundee. I was sad to move away from Glasgow but I had met Kuba a few weeks before. I just had to move in with him ASAP. 😉

I felt right at home in Glasgow and made friends easily. The vegan community in Glasgow and Edinburgh is vast, so finding vegans to hang out with wasn’t difficult for me. Also, connecting with Scottish vegans on Instagram before I moved across the pond made my transition to living in Scotland easy.

Besides lunch plans with Katie, I also hoped to catch up with my friends Debs and Sandra. 🙂

Debs is a fellow vegan entrepreneur of Wee Peeps whom I followed on Instagram before I arrived in Glasgow. We’ve met up a few times and I always have a good time with her. She’s creative, always positive about the future, and loves to travel. I had to meet up with her one last time before I leave Scotland!

She met me at the train station that morning, and our first stop was Picnic for a mocha and cappuccino. Picnic is an all-vegan cafe and my favourite cafe in Glasgow. Their croissants are to die for and their coffee drinks are perfect! They have several non-dairy kinds of milk to choose from. I chose a coconut milk mocha and skipped my usual croissant as Debs and I had a picnic in the park planned for later.

croissants with jam

It was unusually sunny in Glasgow that day. We took advantage of it by walking along the river, eventually finding our way to Glasgow’s West End.

We popped into Tesco for some grapes and scoped out Roots and Fruits. I couldn’t resist trying their vegan sausage rolls, so I ordered one to go and Debs ordered a wee box of beet salad. They had other vegan salads and goodies on their menu, as well as a shop full of vegan snacks, fresh bread, and whole foods. (The shop itself isn’t fully vegan, but vegans still have plenty to choose from!)

Our picnic in Kelvingrove Park was excellent! The grapes were delicious, of course, and the beet salad was fresh and a good value considering the price, which was just over the price of my sausage roll. The sausage roll was tasty but not as good as my friend Rebecca’s homemade vegan sausage rolls. Her home-cooking has ruined me, I think. 😉

Thanks to Debs for meeting up and soaking up those rays with me! We both got a bit tan after our walk along the river. 🙂

After our picnic, I wandered back to the city centre. I’ve never seen George Square so busy! Everyone was enjoying the sunshine that day. It felt like a proper summer!

I relaxed in the grass at George Square for a bit and then headed over to Mono to meet up with Katie and her dogs Smash and Murdo. Katie just adopted Murdo the day prior, so he was full of beans!

Mono, another standout all-vegan restaurant in Glasgow, happens to be dog-friendly so we decided to grab lunch there while sitting outside. I’ve always loved the food at Mono so I’m happy I got to eat there one last time.

I ordered the tofu bahn mi and Katie ordered the seitan burger. Delicious! I could have eaten two of them but saved myself for dessert. Katie ordered us the last strawberry danishes to go. 🙂

We took the dogs for a walk around Glasgow Green, sat in the shade and enjoyed our danishes. Unfortunately for Katie, Murdo snatched her danish away, and swallowed it whole in one bite!

I think Smash will need to get used to Murdo’s energy. As Katie put it, she likes his joie de vivre. 😉 Thanks to Katie for meeting up and for the delicious danish! <3

After lunch, I met up with my friend Sandra for a coffee at the second Roots and Fruits location and a walk back into the city centre. Sandra and I first met in person after I returned from Thailand. She visited me in Dundee and I was always happy to meet up with her when I travelled to Glasgow. She’s friendly, easy to talk to, and always positive. Good vibes all around! 🙂 Chatting with her is so natural, that time always flies! Luckily she happened to notice the time as we sipped our coffees and shared some halva. We were a bit distracted, I guess!

Thanks to Sandra for my coffee and for my wedding gift: an avocado and Nakd bars! Vegans sure know how to give gifts! 😉

I wish I had more time to spend with my friends in Glasgow but I’m glad I had one last opportunity to meet up with them. Hopefully, our paths will cross again. If not in Scotland, abroad! <3

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