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Why I moved to Scotland

Just the other day I realised two years have passed since I purchased my one-way ticket to the UK. I happen to know this because I posted on Facebook the second I purchased my flight. Besides those inane status updates from my past that I’d like to forget, Facebook’s “On This Day” feature is pretty cool!

Two years ago, I had to share that moment with my friends and family because I couldn’t contain my excitement. Having the flight confirmation in my inbox meant I would follow through with my plan to leave the States, move overseas and start a new life. It wouldn’t happen right away, of course, as I still needed to wait seven whole months before my departure.

My decision to move to the UK (and ultimately Scotland) was fairly random. I knew I needed to move in December so I regularly searched for one-way flights from Portland, OR (my last stop in the States after I left my last “home” in California) to every major airport in Europe. I was completely flexible about where I’d move to first.

One night, as I was comparing flights, it looked like my cheapest option would be a one-way flight to Berlin. I had never been to Germany apart from layovers in airports but I started mentally preparing myself to spend winter there. A few days later, I checked flights again and it turned out flights to London had dropped in price. Since a flight to London was now cheaper than the flight to Berlin, I decided to purchase my ticket right then and there.

In the two years since then, my life has changed several times over for the better. I’ve spent nearly a year in Scotland, six months travelling through Europe alone, and even made it over to Thailand with my boyfriend. No doubt meeting him was the best perk of moving to Scotland when I did. 🙂

And now we are getting ready to leave Scotland in a month’s time. When planning for the future, I always hope my life would turn out a certain way but I couldn’t have predicted this would be my life. I’m proud of myself for creating this and I can’t wait to start the next chapter with Kuba! Only one more month to go!

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