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My favourite vegan eats in Chiang Mai

Vegans are spoilt for choice in Chiang Mai. My favourite part of our trip to Thailand was that we were able to eat out so much because of all the healthy, vegan options available!

My favourite meal (and Kuba’s) in Chiang Mai had to be papaya salad with a side of rice. My second favourite meal was pad Thai with a side of rice. And our favourite dessert was mango sticky rice. I’m hungry just thinking about it!

These are all the vegan-friendly places we tried while staying in Chiang Mai. If your favourite isn’t on this list, let me know in a comment below. Maybe we can try it next time! 🙂

Taste From Heaven (and sister restaurant Vegan Heaven)

This was our favourite restaurant in Chiang Mai HANDS DOWN. Taste From Heaven is an all-vegetarian restaurant conveniently located a short walk from the Tha Pha Gate. The menu includes Thai food in addition to Western dishes like veggie burgers, sandwiches, and wraps.

We ate at Taste From Heaven nearly every day because we loved their pad thai and papaya salad. I recommend trying the papaya salad with a side of rice if you want something lighter or the pad Thai (also with a side of rice). These were my favourite meals because they were fresh and healthy since they didn’t contain too much oil.

And they make the best fresh spring rolls! The tamarind dipping sauce is light and sweet. The mango sticky rice is okay but the portion is small. (Go to Dada Kafe for mango sticky rice instead!)

I also tried the banana blossom salad and the mushroom larb (a chopped dish with mushrooms, tofu, and plenty of mint) which were nice but too rich for my stomach. Definitely try a vegan Thai tea (ask for coconut milk) to wash it all down.

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Vegan Heaven is Taste From Heaven’s new sister restaurant and is located right down the street. Vegan Heaven is 100% vegan (in case you couldn’t guess that!) with basically the same menu as Taste From Heaven with a few tasty deviations (like veggie sushi!).

Our typical meal of two papaya salads, three servings of rice, Thai tea and water cost around $8 just to give you some perspective on how affordable eating out can be!

It’s worth mentioning that Taste From Heaven is open late until 10 pm. Some other cafes close early, so swing by Taste From Heaven if you need a later dinner. 🙂

Dada Kafe

Dada Kafe is vegan-friendly and located a few shops down from Taste From Heaven. In addition to Thai food, the menu includes plenty of sandwiches, toasts, salads, and pasta, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Dada Kafe has the best mango sticky rice! Not only do they give you a large portion, but the plating also makes the most sense with the rice in a wee shallow dish. This way the rice soaks up all the coconut milk. Delicious!

Dada Kafe has the 2nd best papaya salad in my opinion. Unlike the papaya salad at Taste From Heaven, Dada Kafe’s doesn’t come with tofu but the portion is large. It’s best eaten with a side of rice. Yum!

Their fresh spring rolls were our 2nd favourite following those at Taste From Heaven. These come packed full of veggies, sprouts, with a little tofu. The tamarind dipping sauce is light and a little spicy.

I also tried the spicy tofu salad here and enjoyed it, but it wasn’t as good as the papaya salad by a long shot. Their Toast Yahweh (avocado, tomato, and lime) was nice too.

Our favourite beverage here was the passion fruit, orange, pineapple juice. They also make smoothies and other drinks if you fancy them.

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The downside is that it closes early, around 845 pm if I remember correctly, and it closes around 245 pm on Sunday.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory is nearly all-vegan with the exception of two dishes which come with an option of honey or yoghurt. Everything else is vegan and tasty.

The pad thai, fresh spring rolls, and Thai tea were excellent, though the spring rolls were served with the sauce poured on top. The sauce is noticeably heavier than the dipping sauces at Taste From Heaven or Dada Kafe but tasty nonetheless. I also ordered a massaman curry and it was amazing! Sadly, my stomach didn’t feel well afterwards…it must have contained too much fat. 🙁

Kuba tried the mango sticky rice and enjoyed it, though it comes with red/darkish rice instead and is served with mango and banana. I still prefer Dada Kafe’s mango sticky rice, though!

The first time Kuba and I visited here we went for a late lunch. The service was super quick since only one other person was in the restaurant at that time. Then we had dinner here with two friends, much later, and the service was terrible. The food was still delicious but just keep that in mind. If you are in a hurry, plan to eat lunch here instead of dinner.

Even though the food at Morning Glory was tasty, we decided that the food was just too oily for us so we stuck to Taste From Heaven and Dada Kafe.

Pad Thai, fresh spring rolls, Thai tea and mango smoothie
Pad Thai, fresh spring rolls, and Thai tea
Fresh spring rolls

Salad Concept

We only ate at Salad Concept once but I’m glad we stopped by. We had smoothies at all the restaurants but our favourite smoothie was from Salad Concept. Try the mango strawberry smoothie because it comes with half a mango on the side.


Strawberry mango smoothie
It comes with mango on the side!

They also have other food on the menu but we didn’t make it past the smoothie pages. We also had excellent banana passion fruit smoothies at Imm Aim, but it’s quite out of the way and we didn’t like the menu or vibes there. We settled on a smoothie since we walked all the way over and we weren’t disappointed. (I’m sure you could easily order a banana passion fruit smoothie elsewhere, though.)

Bodhi Tree Cafe

We visited Bodhi Tree Cafe only once because we didn’t like it so much. The Panang curry was tasty but not that exciting. They have spring rolls on the menu with the option of ‘fried’ or ‘not fried,’ so we ordered them ‘not fried’ assuming they would be fresh. Unbeknownst to us, ‘not fried’ spring rolls means ‘baked.’ Baked ones are fine, I guess, but the filling wasn’t so good. It mainly consisted of rice noodles and tofu with minimal veg.

Also, this cafe is surrounded by trees so the mosquitos were terrible!

Apparently, there are two Bodhi Tree locations, labelled Bodhi Tree Cafe and Bodhi Tree Cafe 2 on Google Maps. We went to the first one but my friend Angelina tried out the other one and enjoyed it! So the second one might be worth scoping out after all. 🙂

Panang curry with baked spring rolls

I also put together a video compilation of our favourite restaurants. Check it out!

Have you visited Chiang Mai before? What are your favourite vegan-friendly restaurants?

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