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What I eat in a day – Dublin day 3

I’ve been eating wraps lately, in addition to lots of grapes and citrus. I hope this video and my Cronometer food diary (posted below) can serve as a guide if you are interested in the high carb low fat lifestyle or raw lifestyle. This will give you some idea about what meals are like.

When looking at my food diary, keep in mind:

  • My calorie intake is never set in stone. If I feel like I need to eat more, I simply eat more and never restrict calories.
  • My macronutrient ratio is set to LFRV (low fat raw vegan) within Cronometer. My calorie summary reflects percentages based on the 80/10/10 ratio. I aim to eat at least 80% of my calories from carbs, at most 10% from protein and at most 10% from fat.
  • Walking is my only form of exercise. I’ve been walking around Dublin so much lately! My daily average is 4.5 miles.

My meals:

  • Breakfast and first snack: 2.5 packs of grapes
  • Lunch: two wraps with salad mix, carrots, tomatoes, and reduced-fat hummus
  • Dinner: kilo of clementines


My macronutrient ratio:

  • 81% of my calories came from carbohydrates
  • 7.7% from protein
  • 11.3% from fat

It’s worth mentioning that I added Tesco’s reduced-fat hummus and these specific wraps to the Cronometer database. This required me to input nutritional information found on the product packaging. Because of this, my food diary isn’t completely accurate when it comes to vitamins, minerals, and animo acids because nutritional labels don’t list all of these.

I’ve been eating more fat lately, typically in the form of hummus. I don’t feel terrible after eating it but I’m not satisfied with how I feel about myself after eating wraps and cooked veggies like boiled potatoes. I don’t feel nearly as lean and I suspect the salt in the hummus and wraps is to blame. I’m determined to go back to eating only fruit once I exhaust my current supply of wraps, potatoes, and veg. For now, I’ll drink more water and think positively.

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