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What I eat in a day – Dubrovnik, Croatia

The following video shows you everything I ate two days ago. I’ve been obsessed with citrus lately! The mandarins in Dubrovnik were the best I’ve ever had, and super cheap! I hope this video and my Cronometer food diary (posted below) can serve as a guide if you are interested in the high carb low fat lifestyle or raw lifestyle. This will give you some idea about what meals are like.

When looking at my food diary, keep in mind:

  • My calorie intake is never set in stone. If I feel like I need to eat more, I simply eat more and never restrict calories.
  • My macronutrient ratio is set to LFRV (low fat raw vegan) within Cronometer. My calorie summary reflects percentages based on the 80/10/10 ratio. I aim to eat at least 80% of my calories from carbs, at most 10% from protein and at most 10% from fat.
  • Walking is my only form of exercise. My daily average is 3.6 miles.

My meals:

  • Breakfast: 6 oranges
  • Lunch and dinner: 3 kilos of mandarins!


Sorry about the ad there. I couldn’t get it to close before I took the screenshot!

My macronutrient ratio:

  • 90.2% of my calories came from carbohydrates
  • 5.4% from protein
  • 4.4% from fat

I was surprised to find out that mandarins are very high in vitamin A. I guess this makes sense given their deep orange colour, but I never think of citrus fruits as sources of vitamin A. If you’ve been following me through the summer, you’ll know that watermelon is my favourite vitamin A-packed fruit. Peaches and mangoes are other tasty sources. My favourite fruits always seem to be high in vitamin A and C. Apparently, I just can’t get enough of them!

I’ve arrived in Dublin now and am curious to see which fruits I gravitate toward as the weather is much cooler. Currently, it feels like proper fall and I know it will just get colder as the weeks go on. I purchased some grapes tonight and they were fantastic! I wouldn’t be opposed to having grapes as my staple once again. I do know that fruit is more expensive here than in Croatia, so I’ll need to be more mindful of my spending.

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