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What’s in my bag? New video edition!

Two years ago I was visiting Spain having the time of my life. This trip inspired me to quit my job the second I returned to the States. I didn’t expect to turn into a full-blown minimalist because I was simply downsizing out of necessity. In my mind, that was the only way I’d be able to travel freely. And now that I’ve lived for nearly a year with minimal possessions, I can’t imagine going back.

I detailed all of my possessions in addition to my favourite minimalist packing tips in a previous post, just before I started this 6-month trip around Europe. While I’ve upgraded my bag and added a few things since I left Scotland, the list hasn’t changed much. Once I arrive in Dublin, I will have a coat liner, a pair of jeans, and a cosy jumper added to my wardrobe.


Not everyone needs or wants to live the way I do, and that’s fine. Living out of a backpack isn’t for everyone. You can still own a house, drive a car, and have a family as a minimalist. The amount of things you own doesn’t matter. It’s more about being mindful of everything you own and only purchasing or acquiring new possessions if you absolutely need them. As a minimalist, you ensure everything in your life is useful or serves a purpose. And decluttering your life inevitably leads to decluttering your mind. Check out this TED talk by ‘The Minimalists’ if you’re intrigued and looking for a change!

What do you think about minimalism?

Do you travel light?

Do you have any packing tips to share?

By Lisa

In Oct. 2014, I quit my job and started downsizing my life by selling and rehoming all my belongings. Even though I’ve moved around all my life, I officially left the States in Dec. 2015 and have been travelling abroad ever since. I hope to inspire you to simplify your life so you live with intention. I’m an avid writer, videography enthusiast, and a major foodie with a passion for sustainable living.

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