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What I eat in a day – Korčula, Croatia day 3

The following video shows you everything I ate yesterday. This is my third week in Korčula. I’ve been eating so many oranges lately! I hope this video and my Cronometer food diary (posted below) can serve as a guide if you are interested in the high carb low fat lifestyle or raw lifestyle. This will give you some idea about what meals are like.

When looking at my food diary, keep in mind:

  • My calorie intake is never set in stone. If I feel like I need to eat more, I simply eat more and never restrict calories.
  • My macronutrient ratio is set to LFRV (low fat raw vegan) within Cronometer. My calorie summary reflects percentages based on the 80/10/10 ratio. I aim to eat at least 80% of my calories from carbs, at most 10% from protein and at most 10% from fat.
  • Walking is my only form of exercise. Lately, I’ve been walking into town every other day which ends up being around 5.5 miles round trip. My daily average is 2 miles.

My meals:

  • Breakfast: 3 pears, 5 kiwis
  • Lunch: 4 oranges, 3 pears
  • Dinner: 5.5 bananas


My macronutrient ratio:

  • 92.9% of my calories came from carbohydrates
  • 4% from protein
  • 3.1% from fat

I’m having difficulty eating enough calories lately because I don’t have much of an appetite. This is because the weather is getting colder and watermelon isn’t in season anymore, so I’m left with the less desirable winter fruits. Here on the island, the variety of fruit is limited so I stick to kiwis, pears, bananas, and oranges. I love citrus but as I mentioned in yesterday’s post and video, oranges aren’t the best staple because they are low in calories. Bananas are a better staple but I never crave them, unless they are in a smoothie.

My goal now is to aim for 2000 calories per day, or at least come close to that just so I can ensure I’m not undereating. I’m also busy during the day so I find myself putting off eating until absolutely necessary. I can’t eat juicy oranges while working on my laptop. (I still do, to be honest, but I really should quit that habit!)

Besides aiming for more calories each day, I will do my best to set aside time specifically for meals. That way I have time to eat and enjoy my food, as opposed to rushing through it or avoiding it altogether because I’d rather edit videos.

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