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Work on your goals daily to achieve the impossible

I’m not working a conventional job so I have the entire day to myself. I’m remarkably busy, however, for someone who isn’t working 9-5.

To me, this blog, my YouTube channel, and all my social media accounts are my job. Most of my day is dedicated to these. I have to manage my time effectively, though, because I can’t just spend all day browsing Instagram. I also need to stay active, gather food, as well as relax once in a while.

I manage my time by setting daily goals. I push myself to achieve them every day. Achieving these daily goals sets me up for success down the road. I’m always planning far in advance when it comes to my long-term goals. Where do I want to be in five, ten years time?

What are your goals?

Setting goals and challenging yourself is the only way you grow. If you don’t set goals, you’re aimlessly wandering through life without any direction. You should always aspire to be better than you are now.

Your goal could also be to learn a foreign language in a year, to save up a certain amount of money for a holiday, or to gain a certain amount of subscribers to your YouTube channel. Your goal should be something quantifiable and not vague. I want to reach 2000 subscribers on YouTube by Jan. 2018 is a quantifiable goal. On the other hand, a vague statement like I want to be popular on YouTube is not. Similarly, I want to save $2000 by next June is quantifiable, but I want to save money is not. If you can’t measure your goal, you’ll never be able to determine if you’ve achieved it.

Write down your goals or publish them on social media so you can hold yourself accountable. If you have a record of your goal and others know about it, you’ll be more likely to stick with it and hopefully, your friends will support you!

Where do you want to go in life? Setting goals will help you get there.

What is something small but meaningful you can do every day to help you achieve this goal in the future?

Some goals seem impossible to achieve and this intimidates some people from even trying! Don’t be one of these people. Your goals, no matter how impossible they seem, are completely feasible if you work on them a little bit each day.

Let’s say one of your goals is to lose a stone by January. You could easily adjust your daily routine to make this happen. You could choose to walk to work instead of driving your car, as well as walk for an hour during your lunch break. You could commit to eating fruit for breakfast every day and quit drinking your calories by avoiding sugary coffee drinks, alcoholic beverages, and fizzy drinks.

Telling yourself you want to lose 14 pounds seems daunting but it really isn’t. Obviously, trying to lose this over two weeks would be close to impossible (and terribly unhealthy and definitely not long-lasting) but if you plan in advance and allow yourself enough time to achieve it, you’ll find losing this weight easy.

Adjust your routine and make time for your goals every day.

One of my long-term goals is to learn Polish to the extent that I can have a decent conversation with my boyfriend entirely in Polish. It’s impossible to learn a language overnight, so I had to commit to studying Polish every single day. Imagine all the hours spent studying Polish if I keep this up for a year or so! I’ve been consistently studying since March (as far I remember) and I don’t plan on giving up now.

It was mildly inconvenient in the beginning to adjust my daily routine to include Polish time but after I maintained it for a few weeks, I found it easy. I experienced the same thing with my blog. I had difficulty writing every day but soon adjusted my schedule and welcomed the challenge.

The same applies to dietary and lifestyle changes. If you want to quit coffee, for instance, you’ll need to adjust your daily routine to not include coffee. This is difficult to get used to but trust me, after a few weeks you’ll wonder why you didn’t quit sooner!

Set goals and take that first step.

No matter your long-term goals, you’ll never come close to making them your reality unless you take that first step. Taking that first step is easy if you create a daily schedule or to-do list. If you struggle to keep to a schedule, try setting alarms during the day to remind you of your daily tasks.

Too many people want the ‘quick fix’ when it comes to personal success. It takes time and patience to achieve something worthwhile. Set measurable goals and make sure you schedule some time to work on them every day.

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