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My week off passed by quickly! I spent most of my time studying Polish, eating watermelon, and rewatching the last two seasons of one of my favourite series, Breaking Bad. I had a restful week away from blogging and YouTube. Now I’m energised and ready to get back to work!

I left Split last Thursday and headed to the island of Korčula by ferry. This was my first time on a ferry so I was worried I’d get sick. I get motion sickness even when riding a bus so being on a ferry for close to three hours isn’t something I look forward to!

Fortunately, I didn’t get too nauseous aboard the ferry because I was pleasantly distracted. I ended up chatting with a friendly Australian couple the entire time. They were on their way to Dubrovnik on the last leg of their 4-5 week holiday through Italy and Croatia. We exchanged our travel experiences about Croatia since we’ve visited some of the same places, as well as our opinions on Game of Thrones (I’m not a diehard fan like them as I’ve only seen the first season), fur babies (they have several), and coffee. Usually, I avoid chit-chat but I’m glad I gave in to it this time. It was fun!

They were fascinated by how I travel. The first question the woman asked me was if I ever feel scared or lonely while travelling alone. I answered that contrary to what most people would assume, I’ve never felt unsafe throughout this entire trip. I have been majorly annoyed with men during this trip, but I didn’t go into that. I explained that I do get lonely from time to time but that’s only because I miss my boyfriend terribly.

Travelling alone is safe as long as you have your head on straight. I make the right choices and am always aware of my surroundings. Living and travelling alone in Europe is just like living and travelling alone in the States. I have nothing to worry about here, and one could even argue I have less to worry about given the intolerable extent of gun violence in the States.

The ferry ride was nice and easy. I was hoping I’d be able to walk around outside of the ferry, but passengers weren’t allowed outside except for a wee deck at the back. I cautiously took these photos from the deck as I clutched to the railing. I’m not a seafaring creature!

Once the ferry arrived in the town of Korčula (the town and the island have the same name), the parents of my landlord picked me up for a quick drive to the flat.

The flat is situated on Tri Žala bay, about 5km away from the town. This flat is incredible! It’s more like a proper house right on the water with its massive living room, bedrooms, and private beach area. It has everything I need and more. My favourite things so far are the full-size fridge, the shower (the best one I’ve had in Croatia so far!), and the balcony overlooking the rocky beach. This would be a perfect vacation home for at least 4 people. Maybe in the future, I’ll be able to revisit this place with my boyfriend and a few of our friends.

Because the house is a bit outside the town, getting food is trickier but not impossible. I have a small shop around a 20-minute walk away. The shop is small and the produce selection lacking but I’m still able to find decent apples, oranges, bananas, prunes, and orange juice there.

The town itself is an hour walk away. I did look into renting a bicycle since I’m staying here for an entire month but I’m too cheap to pay for it. Walking is free and my favourite way to exercise, so I’d rather walk into town with my bag, stock up on fruit, and walk back. And this gives me an excuse to get outside and walk. (I did take the bus back one day, so I’ll have this as an option if my bag is too heavy. Fruit vegan problems!)

I’m more than happy to venture into town on foot to gather food, especially with views like these!

Sadly, I haven’t seen watermelon in any of the shops. I didn’t consider how different it would be to shop for fruit on a small island before planning this trip. Most produce is imported from the mainland so there isn’t much variety. I doubt I’ll be able to find anymore watermelon because the season is nearly over. I’ll just need to wait until my trip to Thailand this December. According to my boyfriend, watermelon season in Thailand is year-round!

I’m so glad to finally be in Korčula. I remember planning this trip back in February when I decided I’d be in Croatia for two months but I had no idea where I’d visit. It wasn’t until mid-July (while I visited Palma de Mallorca) that I hammered out the details. I knew next to nothing about Croatia back then. My plans changed since I skipped Rovinj and the Plitvice Lakes because of accommodation issues, but so far I’ve been pleased with my choices.

I have a feeling Korčula will be one of my favourite locations in Croatia because of where I’m staying. It’s incredibly peaceful here. I’m typing this post as I sit in the sun on the balcony. I can’t hear traffic or anyone else, only the water splashing onto the rocks below.

Have you visited Croatia before?

Where did you visit?

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