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Zagreb to Split, Croatia by train

I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so excited to leave Zagreb for Split. I only managed to nap for an hour before waking up at 530 this morning.

Zagreb is now one of my favourite cities. I might even like it more than Glasgow.

My train departed Zagreb at 0735, and almost 7 hours later I arrived in Split. This train was much nicer than the train to took from Rijeka to Zagreb: more modern, spacious, and comfortable with better bathrooms onboard. The journey cost me 112 kunas, or £12.60. That is ridiculously cheap by UK standards! I’m glad I’m able to take advantage of Croatia’s affordable trains as I travel through here.

Here are some shots from the train today. I took these with my iPhone.


Now I’m back on the coast of Croatia, about 300 kilometres south of Rijeka. Rijeka is near the very north of the country along the coast, Zagreb was completely inland, and Split lands me on the coast once again.

I’ve been waiting for this day for the past month. The last time I saw Kuba was four weeks ago for a mere 24 hours in Paris. He arrives here next week and we’ll have a few days together. I’m practically bursting at the seams with joy! I just can’t contain myself.

The rest of my Zagreb photos can be found in my gallery.

So far I haven’t done any exploring in Split, except for gathering fruit at the nearby produce shop. My flat is simple and unconventional, tucked away in a small unit in a shopping centre a short 3o-minute walk from the train station. This centre has multiple units consisting of cafés, hair salons, produce shops (I’ve seen at least three!), and other wee shops. This flat happens to be one of them.

With three produce shops just around the corner, wi-fi, cell reception, air conditioning, and a sizeable fridge, I can’t complain.

I’m here for the next two weeks. Now that this long train journey is out of the way, I only have four more transfers before I’m back in Scotland. From Split, I’ll take a ferry to the island of Korčula where I’ll spend a month relaxing on the sea, then a bus to picturesque Dubrovnik on the mainland coast where I’ll spend 5 nights before departing for Ireland. I’ll be in Dublin for over a month before my final flight back to Edinburgh. I’m so glad the end of this trip is in sight.

Tomorrow I plan on exploring Split’s Old Town near the port. I hope this week passes quickly.

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