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How much do I spend on food? (in Paris, Ljubljana & Rijeka)

I track every penny I spend because this is the only way I can effectively travel on a budget. As I mentioned in my three-part post, The secret to living as a nomad, minimising expenses and managing your money are necessary if you want to travel this way.

I want to show you how much I spend on food while travelling through Europe to give you a better perspective about the cost of healthy whole foods. Healthy eating is my priority no matter where I am so I will pay whatever costs necessary. Fortunately, eating primarily fruits and veggies while travelling is affordable! Being vegan isn’t expensive.

Please check out my previous post about food expenses for the month of July. I spent a few days in Berlin, two weeks in Palma and the rest of the time in Barcelona. This will give you a better idea how much food costs in each location.

At the end of this post, I include a summary of how much I spent per week in every location I’ve visited since I left the States.

My food expenses for August.

August included time spent in Barcelona (Aug. 1-3), two weeks in Paris (Aug. 3-17), a week in Ljubljana (Aug. 17-24), and a week in Rijeka (Aug. 24-31).

I spent €382.29 on groceries (~£321.60 or $426.04). It was €318.10 plus 480.28 kunas. Croatian currency is kunas.

These are the foods I purchased followed by a number representing how many times I purchased that item. Sometimes I purchased bags of peaches in one go, so the number doesn’t represent how many peaches I bought, instead it represents how many times I purchased them. I hope that makes sense! This is to show you which foods I ate the most.

Fruits and veggies were my main staples. Notice I still purchased foods like gluten-free pasta, rice, and other HCLF treats like puffed corn cakes because I wasn’t fully raw for all of August. I switched to 100% raw on August 8th.


  • peaches 15
  • melons 13
  • watermelon 13
  • juice / smoothie 12
  • grapes 11
  • bananas 5
  • limes 5
  • lemon 3
  • kiwi 2
  • raspberries 2
  • strawberry
  • apple chips
  • apricots
  • cherries
  • cranberries, dried
  • dates
  • figs
  • oranges
  • pears


  • peppers 11
  • tomato 11
  • corn 8
  • cucumber 7
  • broccoli 4
  • mushrooms 4
  • carrot
  • cilantro
  • zucchini


  • tomato sauce 4
  • gluten-free pasta 3
  • corn cakes
  • hummus
  • rice

Eating out

I only ate out twice in August. I spent a total of €10.09 (~£8.49 or $11.25). I had smoothies in the Barcelona airport for €6.5 and a smoothie in Rijeka for 26 kunas. This is a huge improvement from the previous month, where I spent €65 eating out.

Total money spent on food for August = €392.38 (~£330.09 or $437.29).

How does this compare to food expenses elsewhere?

This is approximately how much I spent on food per week in all the locations I’ve visited since I left the States:

  • Scotland – €119 (£100) including eating out (lattes) occasionally.
  • Berlin – €128 (including eating out). Around €24 of this total was for eating out.
  • Poland – €48.14 (210 zloty). My boyfriend and I would spend around 60 zloty per day on food for both of us, so this is an estimation.
  • Spain – €92.87 including eating out (lots of vegan ice cream!). I spent four weeks in Spain, two in Palma and two in Barcelona. I spent €371.46 total.
  • Paris – €106.33. I spent two weeks in Paris and spent €212.65 total. I didn’t eat out at all!
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia – €78.98. I spent one week in Ljubljana and didn’t eat out.
  • Rijeka, Croatia – €64.17 (480.28 kunas). I spent one week in Rijeka and ate out once (a smoothie).

So far Poland and Croatia have been the cheapest countries when it comes to groceries. I’m looking forward to spending the next two months in Croatia because I’ll be able to save some money, all while eating as much fresh produce as I desire.

Expect to spend much more on food while travelling if you eat out regularly or drink alcohol or coffee. Not only should you avoid these for the sake of your budget, your health will greatly benefit as well!

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