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What I eat in a day – Rijeka, Croatia.

I’m spending my last few hours in Rijeka, Croatia, sipping on a smoothie. Soon I’ll be on a train to Zagreb, Croatia’s capital.

This video shows you everything I ate yesterday. I hope this video and my Cronometer food diary (posted below) can serve as a guide if you are interested in the high carb low fat lifestyle or raw lifestyle. This will give you some idea about what meals are like.

When looking at my food diary, keep in mind:

  • My calorie intake is never set in stone. If I feel like I need to eat more, I simply eat more and never restrict calories.
  • I don’t include daily exercise. I stay active by walking. The mileage I walk depends on how many errands I have during the day. Currently, my daily average is 2 miles.
  • My macronutrient ratio is set to LFRV (low fat raw vegan) within Cronometer. My calorie summary reflects percentages based on the 80/10/10 ratio. I aim to eat at least 80% of my calories from carbs, at most 10% from protein and at most 10% from fat.

My meals:

  • Breakfast: one large cantaloupe melon.
  • Lunch: grapes.
  • Dinner: large salad made with corn, cucumber, tomato, red bell pepper, dried cranberries, lime juice.
  • Snack: three bananas.


My macronutrient ratio:

  • 89.4% of my calories came from carbohydrates
  • 5.8% from protein
  • 4.8% from fat

Notice that I’m eating fewer calories now. This makes sense because I’m less active currently. I haven’t been walking as much so my daily average is only 2 miles. I also lost some weight so I need fewer calories to maintain my lower body weight.

Here’s my calorie intake from previous What I eat in a day posts:

The fact that I’ve unknowingly lowered my calorie intake and lost weight amazes me because at no point did I try to eat fewer calories. (Check out My weight loss with HCLF for more details.) I didn’t plan on losing weight, either! This is just a consequence of eating raw foods. Fruits and veggies are high in fiber so they fill me up faster than other foods.

Previously, when I tried to lose weight with a low-calorie diet, I always struggled to keep my calorie intake low. This is because eating 1900 calories of calorie-dense foods isn’t as satisfying. Processed and fatty foods are high in calories but low in fiber and take up a small volume. I was always hungry for more.

Now eating is never a struggle. Every day I eat as much as I care for. Every day I eat until I’m full and satisfied without counting calories, without searching through ingredient labels because fruits and veggies are always 100% vegan, without worrying about whether I might suffer from digestive upset or an acne flare up. Every day I wake up full of energy, completely content and excited for what the day may bring.

I love eating this way!

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