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How much do I spend on accommodations?

This post will show how much I spent on accommodations for this 6-month trip through Europe. This trip is only halfway through but I already booked the rest of my accommodations. I’m a super-planner, what can I say!

I didn’t pay for any accommodations during June, my first month of travelling. I was incredibly fortunate to meet a friendly vegan couple living in Berlin through Instagram and they offered to host me for the first half of the month. I spent the rest of the month in Poland, camping in a tent with my boyfriend and spending a few days in a flat in the city.

I booked all of my accommodations through Airbnb with the exception of my week in Ljubljana. I sorted that room thanks to my friend Ivy of A Year of Vegan Eats, who put me in contact with Nicole of Yumsome. Nicole also lived in Ljubljana so she put me in contact with her hosts (who also happen to be on Airbnb). Vegan bloggers for the win!

If you are interested in using Airbnb, let me know because we both get discounts if I refer you.

On Airbnb, you can search for and entire home/apt, private room (in a shared flat), or a shared room (think bunk beds or something similar). Using Airbnb can be tricky because of the search options or lack thereof. Some listings will claim to be an ‘entire home/apt’ but upon closer inspection, the listing is for a room in a shared flat. Apparently, the host designated the listing as ‘entire home/apt’ because you have access to the entire flat, but you aren’t renting the entire place to yourself. Just be aware of it and read the complete description for every listing.

This is how much I spent for each accommodation, as well as the cost per night.

accommodation (1).jpg

Prices on Airbnb are inflated since hosts typically price rooms and flats for holiday travellers, meaning you pay close to what you’d pay for a hotel, but usually slightly less. If I were able to rent through a leasing company I’d be able to find flats for cheaper, but I don’t have that luxury since I’m not staying in any location for an extended period of time. When I do move to Panama next summer, I’ll aim to rent through a leasing company since I plan on staying there for at least 6 months.

Also, some listings offer huge discounts if you stay for longer than a week or a month. There isn’t a way to search for this, however. I just played around with the dates and searched through as many listings as I could to find something in my price range. I got a HUGE discount on my Dublin room (something like 40% off if I remember correctly) because I booked it for over a month.

Still, the fact that I’ve been able to sort accommodations for this entire trip with an average of $675 monthly rent is amazing to me! My initial budget for this trip was to spend $600 per month on accommodations, so I’m not far off. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without my gracious hosts in Berlin or my boyfriend’s family in Poland. I’m so grateful for that!

And it wasn’t easy to find rooms and flats in my price range. I had to spend a lot of time on Airbnb weeks in advance searching for discounts. If I could do it all over again, I’d book accommodations even earlier, perhaps 6 months in advance if possible. Earlier is always better if you are looking to spend less money.

What were the accommodations like?

For the week in Berlin following my stay in Poland, I rented a wee flat to myself to give me some time to decompress from my time in Poland. It was a stressful time despite seeing my boyfriend for two weeks!

My room in Palma was one of the best setups I’ve had so far on this trip. The flat itself was spacious and incredibly clean with a well-equipped kitchen. It was located on the ground level but situated above a pole dance studio. My host taught classes downstairs almost every day. I had a private room connected to our shared bathroom, access to a washing machine, and WiFi. For the majority of my two weeks spent there, I shared the flat only with my host. The last night, a couple rented another room in the flat. Unbeknownst to me, my host had multiple listings on Airbnb. This is something to keep in mind if you’d rather have one roommate as opposed to several.

The situation in Barcelona was nice as well, though the flat was located on the 8th or 9th story of a massive apartment building. This wasn’t the best choice in the middle of summer. I rented a private room but shared the rest of the flat with my host and a second roommate, a young man who also rented his room through Airbnb. The flat was always sparkling clean, I could use the washing machine whenever I liked, and the WiFi was good. I liked the setup of the flat but didn’t like the fact that I didn’t have a fan in my room. Also sharing the space with a man was something I wasn’t expecting since I didn’t know my host had multiple listings on Airbnb. I should have inquired but it turned out okay.

My boyfriend planned to visit me while I was in Paris so I rented an entire flat. This was one of my favourite flats so far. It was a wee studio flat close to a park, the metro, and several food shops. It also had a piano! It didn’t have a washing machine so I hand washed my clothes. The WiFi was super fast and the kitchen was lovely.

In Ljubljana, I rented a room in the basement of a house located outside the city. A second room in the basement was rented out to a young couple for the first few days. All of us shared a bathroom and small kitchen in the basement. The WiFi was fast and I had access to a washing machine, though I didn’t need to use it.

Currently, I am in my flat in Rijeka. This flat is huge! I had no idea it would be this big based on the pictures listed on Airbnb. I have a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and giant kitchen all to myself. This flat is on the 4th story of a large apartment building a short walk from the train station. It even comes with air conditioners in every room and a large patio. I really lucked out here!

I’m renting entire flats for the rest of my time in Croatia. The flats in Zagreb and Split should be modest based on their photos and descriptions on Airbnb. The flat in Korčula is a large one but I wasn’t able to find a smaller place for the time period I needed. I have a feeling this flat will be the nicest flat out of this entire trip because it’s located right on the water, and I’ll have the place to myself for an entire month! In Dubrovnik, I’ll be staying in a wee flat located close to the hosts’ house (a private guesthouse on their property).

I wanted to rent an entire flat in Dublin but all the flats I found on Airbnb were way too expensive! I’d have to pay close to twice the price of what I paid for the room I found, and I wasn’t willing to do that. Once I make it to Dublin, I will have just over a month left of this trip and then I return to my boyfriend and our flat in Scotland. I think I can handle sharing a space with another person for a month. Also, my boyfriend will be visiting me for a weekend and my friends Ivy and Leo will visit me later in the month. That will break up the time nicely!

I’m so glad all of my accommodations are booked for the rest of this trip! I can rest easy now, though at some point I need to start planning my adventures for Thailand and Panama.

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