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Add Ljubljana, Slovenia to your must-see list

Tonight is my last night in Ljubljana. I’ve been here for a week, so what have I been up to?

I visited the Central Market every day for lunch (besides Sunday since it was closed). This is the largest produce market I’ve visited so far, and that includes all the massive ones I’ve seen in California! I was only interested in the fresh fruit and veggies, specifically watermelon, but you can also find clothes, shoes, handicrafts, flowers, and other foodstuffs.


Most of the produce at the market is local and you can taste the difference. Some produce is more expensive than what you’d find in a shop. For instance, my favourite watermelon at the market was €1.5/kilo. Watermelon in the shop was usually €0.49/kilo. The market watermelon was much tastier than the shop watermelon, so I had no problem paying extra.

This market is a must-see for vegans and non-vegans alike. You won’t be able to resist the fruit. I recommend scoring some watermelon (or grapes–those were fantastic as well!) from the market and sitting along the river for a peaceful lunch.


I love Ljubljana because it’s a small city. Plenty of tourists visit Ljubljana but it doesn’t have the same touristy feel of other big cities like Paris or Berlin. It isn’t packed with tourists and locals enjoy the city centre all the same. And best of all, the city is remarkably clean!

Vehicles aren’t allowed in the city centre. This is nice because you truly have that ‘old town’ feel as you wander the streets. Cycling is also an option as Ljubljana is very bike-friendly. You’ll find dedicated bike paths on most streets. I didn’t get the chance to rent a bike this time, but you should try it if you get the chance.


My favourite places to eat lunch and rest are Park Zvezda and Park Tivoli. Park Zvezda is a small park in the city centre close to the river. Park Tivoli, the largest green space in Ljubljana, is located a short walk away from the centre. It’s full of walking and bike paths, as well as an impressive National Geographic photography exhibit. I’m not sure if the exhibit is a permanent fixture. Hopefully, it is!

Useful tips for your first visit:

  • Travelling to the city from the airport is easy. The GoOpti shuttle will take you to your hotel or flat for €9! You don’t need to book it in advance. You’ll see their vans just outside the airport.
  • You need an Urbana Card to ride the bus. You can purchase one for only €2 at tourist information centres. Save your receipt because you can return it at the end of your trip for a refund.
  • Bus rides are €1.20 per 90-minute ride. This means you can hop on and off the bus as many times as you like within a 90-minute period and you’ll only be charged once. Reload your Urbana Card at machines located at major bus stops.
  • The most important tip: free public bathrooms are everywhere! To find them easily, pop into a tourist information centre and snag a free map.

Check out my VLOG to see more of my favourite sites:


I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to visit Slovenia! Even though this visit was short, I know I’ll be back in the future. If you’ve never considered visiting Ljubljana before, add it to your list. You won’t regret it!

Tomorrow I’m off to Croatia. My first stop: Rijeka.

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