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Because of the popularity of previous What I eat in a day posts, every Wednesday from this point on will be dubbed What I eat Wednesday! This means every Wednesday I will upload a video to my YouTube channel showing everything I eat in a day and post corresponding Cronometer screenshots and commentary here on the blog. I hope you find these videos and posts informative!


Nothing out of the ordinary here! I get plenty of protein from fruit alone.

My vitamin A intake is off the charts thanks to all these peaches. This is no cause for concern. Overdosing on vitamin A is a real problem, but you can’t overdose on the Vitamin A found in fruits and veggies. According to my research, you can only overdose on Vitamin A found in fish or liver, supplements, or medication.

Interestingly, I ate almost 200% of my daily vitamin K allowance. This surprised me because vitamin K is typically associated with dark leafy greens. I had no idea peaches and kiwis were good sources as well!


Notice I’m still consuming plenty of fat even though I avoid all overt fats (like nuts and avocado). Fruits even contain omega fatty acids. There’s no need for fish or flaxseed oil supplements.


Is it important to eat 100% of all vitamins and minerals every day? Short answer: no, it isn’t. I answer this question in What I eat in a day – Palma edition.

If you are curious about how your diet stacks up, I recommend tracking everything you eat in Cronometer as well. Check out my How to use Cronometer post for more information.

I have some in-depth posts coming up this week (and probably the next, since I’m so long-winded!) regarding high carb vs. low carb diets. Stay tuned!

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