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I’m finally in Paris. Is this real life?

I arrived in Paris yesterday evening but didn’t get a chance to explore, save for the unplanned hour long walk to the flat from the train station. As you can imagine, nothing makes me question the necessity of every single thing I have packed in my bag more than carrying it all on my back for an hour in the rain!

So yeah, I’ll most likely be getting rid of a few things before I head to Ljubljana later in August. Unfortunately, the important stuff, like my laptop, camera, and battery all happen to be the heaviest items in my possession. I need to figure something out because my bag is a bit too heavy for me to carry for an hour straight. Minimalist nomad problems!


Once I reached the flat, I unloaded my bag, stocked up on food at the grocery store down the street, and relaxed for the rest of the evening. I’m renting this flat to myself while in Paris and I love it! It’s a small studio flat next to a park. It’s spacious, clean, and most importantly it has a piano! I’ll definitely take advantage of that over the next two weeks.

The weather in Paris is considerably cooler than that of Barcelona, so I had the most restful sleep last night. I slept in this morning, had a full lunch and waited for the rain to pass. Then I headed south toward the Seine river.

I crossed the Seine on one of its many bridges and found myself on the Île de la Cité, one of two natural islands in the Seine river. I haven’t stepped foot on the other natural island, the Île Saint-Louis, which neighbors Île de la Cité, but I expect I’ll have plenty of time to wander around there in the next two weeks.

I only walked about the Notre-Dame cathedral on the island before heading further down the river. Initially, I planned to walk to the Eiffel Tower, but that would have been an additional hour of walking on top of what I already walked. By that point, I had walked over 6 miles, so I decided to take the metro back home and save my legs for tomorrow.


Even though today wasn’t that exciting by normal touristic standards I am floored to be here! I have my own place for the next two weeks, my boyfriend is visiting me next weekend (finally! I can’t live without him), and I get to explore and photograph a city I’ve wanted to visit for ages. Nothing could kill my mood, not even overpriced and lackluster watermelon! (More on that another time….)

For years, I had planned on visiting Paris specifically for its pastries. I even studied French for a semester in preparation. I was that committed. (And I’m still terrible at speaking French…but hey at least I’m learning!) But now that I’ve quit pastry entirely I’m simply looking forward to relaxing here. No eating out and definitely no pastries for me. My table is currently full of nectarines, peaches, and bananas, and I’d rather have those over macarons any day.

Besides rest and relaxation, I have big plans for the following weeks. I started a ‘must see’ list with suggestions from friends and followers. I also plan on doing my homework tonight by watching any and all of Rick Steve’s Paris videos. If you aren’t familiar with Rick Steves, check out his videos on YouTube and have a look at his website. He’s travelled all over Europe and written several guidebooks and language phrasebooks. I’ve used his Spanish and French phrasebooks previously, and find his suggested itineraries posted on his website most helpful! I even planned my Slovenia and Croatia itinerary based off of his recommendations.

I do have an itinerary of sorts for tomorrow so I hope the rain holds off. I plan to visit locations from the film Amélie. Cliché, I know, but I really enjoyed the film and figured why not check out the locations in real life if I’m here anyway.

I still can’t believe I’m finally in Paris. I mean, I can believe it because I put in the work and took all the necessary steps to make my dream to visit Paris a reality, but sometimes I can’t believe this is real life. This just shows me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. My goals may seem far-fetched and extreme to others but I know I can achieve them. It doesn’t come down to luck, it comes down to hard work, patience, and persistence. I have an insatiable drive to succeed and will do anything in my power to make my dreams come true.

I’ve been travelling through Europe for two months now and only have four months left! I can’t wait to see how the rest of my trip pans out.

Have you visited Paris before?

What were your favourite activities in the city?

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