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Did you know all of Europe vacations in Spain in the summer? To quote my friend Ande: literally, the entire world is on vacation right now. He was speaking about San Fransisco, but still, it applies here in Barcelona!

Regardless of crowds, I gravitate toward beaches anytime I can. I visited the beach a few days ago, close to the Diagonal Mar shopping centre. (Diagonal Mar is a ginormous shopping mall a stone’s throw from the beach, perfect for free bathrooms and a break in some air-conditioning.) The beach there was busy but not overly crowded. This surprised me considering how slammed the rest of the city is at this time.

For the record, I really had no idea that Spain is THE summer holiday destination for Europeans. Oh well, you live and you learn!

I barely slept last night because of the heat (and I can’t wait to leave here because of it) so I listlessly wandered around the city centre looking for a shady place to rest. I figured somewhere near the beach would be nice and cool with the breeze from the sea, so I headed toward the water.


One of the highlights of my day was coming across these wee pop-up fruit stands on the promenade along the beach. Not only do these stands provide quick and easy vegan snacks for beach goers, these stands are bike-powered! While I wouldn’t recommend paying €2,50 for two cups of fruit every day, since you can buy an entire half of a watermelon for less than that, it’s nice to have healthy vegan options readily available for vegans and non-vegans alike.


After snacking on my watermelon cup, I found myself on the beaches of La Barceloneta. Significantly more tourists flock to these beaches as opposed to the beaches further north by Diagonal Mar since these are closer to the city centre. These are the same beaches I visited with my friend Christina when I came to Barcelona the first time in October 2014. At that time, the beaches were practically empty save for a few people sunbathing. That wasn’t the case today. The beach was packed!


I still haven’t ventured into the water or spent much time on the beach itself, just because it’s SO incredibly busy. I can’t handle it! Also, since I’m here alone, I’m not sure what to do with my stuff while I’m in the water…and I don’t feel comfortable leaving it on the beach without a trusted friend to watch it, and leaving the flat without my phone and other essentials isn’t an option.

I also don’t have a swimsuit and haven’t decided if I can justify spending money on one at this time. I will need to find one before December, though, since I’m heading to Thailand with my boyfriend the day after Christmas!

Maybe I’ll try visiting the beach earlier in the morning one of these days. It would be nice to enjoy the waves in peace but for now, I’m content with the view from the less crowded promenade.

Have you visited Spain in the summertime?

What did you most enjoy about your holiday?

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