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Parc de la Mar & the Palma Cathedral

I’m off to Barcelona soon, so over the next few days, I’ll share some photos and tips from my favourite places in Palma. These are places I visit regularly, and none of them require you to spend a penny.

So far today I’ve done nothing but eat watermelon and walk along the beach. What a perfect Sunday! I think I can get used to this island life….

I had breakfast overlooking the beach, picked up more watermelon for lunch, and wandered over to the Parc de la Mar (Park of the Sea) next to the Palma Cathedral. This was one of the first places I visited as soon I arrived here (besides the beach, of course).


I’m not one to be interested in the historical or religious significance of cathedrals but I do appreciate them from a photographic point of view. I researched the Palma Cathedral briefly and discovered it is the 2nd tallest cathedral in Spain after La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Impressive! Designed in the Catalan Gothic style, this cathedral took 400 years to build and was completed around 1600. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)



Tourists can pay €7 to go tour the inside of the cathedral or can simply marvel at the cathedral from the outside for free. Personally, I’d rather bask in the sunshine or relax in the park!

The park is called Parc de la Mar because its man-made lake is filled with water from the sea. Just past the lake on the eastern end of the park, you’ll find shady trees and plenty of benches to rest, as well as a playground.

Often I’ll gather fruit from a local produce shop and have lunch here. Parc de la Mar is centrally located and right next to the beach: an ideal starting point if you plan to explore the city on foot. Additionally, free public bathrooms and a cafeteria are located across from the cathedral on the other side of the lake.



As you can imagine, the cathedral and the surrounding park are tourist hot spots. I usually try to avoid large crowds but this area is perfect for people-watching. I can’t resist, especially when I have my camera with me. The park is large enough as well so you’ll have plenty of space to enjoy your lunch in peace if that’s what you crave. The eastern end of the park is much less busy than the western end closest to the cathedral.

It’s worth mentioning that an information point (an orange booth with an ‘i’ on top) is located across from the cathedral in the western end of the park. Here you can pick up a complimentary map of Palma and ask for assistance navigating the city.

How do you feel about tourist attractions?

Do you seek them out or avoid them completely?

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