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Vegan ice cream in Palma de Mallorca

Today was another day full of walking around sunny Palma. I walked close to 13 miles today and didn’t even realise it until the very end.

All this walking means I need to make sure I eat sufficient calories during the day. The most important thing for me as a travelling fruit vegan is sorting out names of local grocery store chains. It was easy in Scotland because Tesco is everywhere, but to my dismay, Tesco hasn’t reached Spain. (Yes, I love my Tesco.)

While some chains like Aldi and Lidl exist in multiple countries, usually these aren’t located deep within a city centre. I was lucky to find a Lidl yesterday soon after I arrived, but it was quite a bit out of the way from the beach so I ended up walking more than I planned. Walking more isn’t a bad thing, but I’d rather walk those miles elsewhere in more photogenic places and unexplored areas.

As I made my way back to the flat yesterday, I happened to walk by an Eroski, noticed it looked like a grocery store, so I Googled it and popped my head in. Sure enough, it’s a supermarket chain! Now I can easily search for ‘Eroski’ in Google Maps when I’m out and about. Eroski has little shops all over the city (and I have two very close to the flat), so I’m never too far from fresh produce, specifically cherries since I can’t get enough of them lately!

Surprisingly, I didn’t spend any time on the beach today. The sun was far too strong for me, even with my sunscreen and shades, so I spent most of the day within the city centre, navigating the narrow tourist-filled streets. Tomorrow I’ll probably stick to a similar routine, city centre by day then venture to the beach later once the sun starts to set.

Plaça Major in the city centre.
Near Passeig del Born and Av. de Jaume III. Passeig del Born is a divided road with a paved median filled with cafés and plenty of shady seating thanks to the large trees flanking both sides.

The highlight of today was finding an all-vegan ice cream shop. I was miles away from the flat and wanted to treat myself with something icy to beat this heat, so I searched for ‘vegan’ in Google Maps and found Cream Crew. Thanks, Google! I got two scoops in a cone, one strawberry and one peach. I had a lovely chat with one of the owners of the shop, and he informed me that he and his wife make all the ice cream by hand. They developed all the recipes themselves and only use whole ingredients. I could certainly taste the quality and care that went into my fruity cone. It was so delicious and refreshing! I’ll definitely be back.


I’m so glad Cream Crew was tagged with ‘vegan’ on Google Maps. Only a few other vegan businesses popped up in the search, but surely Palma is home to more than just a handful of vegan or vegan-friendly businesses. I’ll need to do a proper search on Happy Cow as well. (Not that I plan on eating out too often, but I’m always down for vegan sorbet!)

I’m hoping to meet up with two vegans who are also new to Palma at some point, so maybe we can re-visit Cream Crew. I haven’t met either of them in person but both follow my social media accounts. I’ve met so many interesting people (mostly vegans) from Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook and I can’t imagine how I’d ever meet them without these accounts. Vegans can be hard to find otherwise. I definitely wouldn’t have met my boyfriend at that vegan potluck without Facebook. What a scary thought!

I love finding cute couples to photograph! This pair was trying to sort out a selfie.

I feel that social media, specifically Instagram, is the best way to hone in on people who share your interests because of how it’s organised. If I post a photo of a glorious fruit platter for my breakfast onto Instagram, I tag it with #vegan. That way anyone who searches for #vegan will find my photo, as well as all the other thousands (if not millions?) of photos on Instagram tagged the very same way.

Searching for hashtags is just one way to find vegans on Instagram. People who follow my account follow me because they love vegan food (or so I would assume) so we at least have that in common. We probably have other things in common as well, since vegans tend to have similar worldviews because veganism is more than just a diet; it’s a lifestyle.

Seriously, though, if you are considering going vegan or are new to this lifestyle, get on Instagram and follow vegan accounts for inspiration and recipe ideas. And hopefully, you’ll make a new friend or two!

Do you use social media?

Do you find it useful?

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