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Palma de Mallorca: I could live here.

I barely slept last night because I was too excited to leave Berlin for Palma. Fortunately, I had a complete row of seats to myself during the short 2.5-hour flight and plenty of Benedryl to keep my allergies at bay. As soon as I stepped off the plane and felt the warm sunshine hit my face, I felt more at home.

One reason is that I actually understand the language here. I’m not completely fluent in Spanish but I know enough to understand most conversations. I’m comfortable speaking Spanish as well, because even if I don’t know how to say something, I know enough vocabulary to talk around it and can explain myself just fine. Being familiar with the language makes a world of a difference when I’m out exploring.

I was so relieved to see these palm trees the second I stepped outside the airport. I felt like I’d returned ‘home’ to sunny California.

So far everyone here has been super friendly. I remember this from when I visited Spain before (Madrid twice and Barcelona once). It’s not that the people in Berlin or Poland weren’t friendly, they just were more reserved and unapproachable. Maybe it was because I wasn’t familiar with German or Polish (though I do study Polish occasionally) but life in Spain seems to be more my speed. Everyone is laid back and stress-free.

But really, though, I’m not surprised because I can’t see how anyone couldn’t be happy and easy-going 24/7 living on an island in the Mediterranean. The weather here is perfect! It’s much hotter than in Berlin but the sea provides a gentle breeze. Think just over 30° C or close to 90° F. This is proper summer weather!


I was even able to breathe without allergy troubles for most of the day—a huge improvement from my time in Berlin and Poland. I am congested now, though, who knows why….I’m so looking forward to December when I return to Scotland just because I know I won’t have any allergy issues at all.

While it would be so nice to be able to breathe without sneezing, sniffling, and blowing my nose every few minutes, Scotland doesn’t have beaches like these!


I feel like I’m back in southern California: clear skies, full sun, sandy beaches, palm trees, and everyone is tan and smiling. Seriously! This is my kind of place.

I do consider California a home of mine even though I didn’t grow up there. I lived in California twice, in various parts of the State for around 4.5 years total. California was also the last place I lived in the States before I moved abroad to Scotland. I felt very comfortable living there and wouldn’t mind calling it my home again someday!

For now, my home away from home is a room I’m renting through Airbnb. I think I lucked out again with my accommodation. (I seem to have good luck with this. I hope I can keep this going!) I get a queen-size bed to myself, a door direct to the bathroom (priorities), and even a have a TV in my room. Usually, I wouldn’t have a need for a TV but I’ll probably use it this time since I can learn more Spanish by listening to Spanish-language programs. Even commercials are educational when in a foreign language.

The layout of this flat is interesting because I need to cut through the courtyard once I enter the flat in order to reach my room, the kitchen, and bathroom. I’ve never lived in a space like this before, but I like how open it is. I have a window in my room which looks out to the courtyard. It’s very peaceful here!

My host is lovely and happens to teach pole dancing classes. This flat is located above her studio, so I can hear a class going on as I write this post. I think we are going to get along just fine for the next two weeks!

Since I’m renting this room for the entire two weeks, I won’t be able to make my way around the entire island but I do hope to familiarise myself with Palma and as many beaches as I can. I’m considering renting a bicycle one of these days since I noticed bike paths all along the beach today.

While I’d be able to cover more ground if I had a bike, walking suits me well. I somehow managed to walk over 10 miles today along the beach and in the city. I’m knackered but I like it! I’ll sleep well tonight for sure.

Tomorrow I plan on spending more time in the city centre, but who knows, I may end up on the beach again.

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