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Depending on when you started following me on social media, you may have noticed that I simplified my diet significantly after I moved to Scotland.

I lived in California prior to moving to Scotland. I followed the high carb low fat lifestyle strictly for a few months while I trained for my first marathon. High carb low fat (otherwise known as raw till 4) means I ate unlimited amounts of fruit during the day followed by a cooked vegan dinner (usually one low in salt and fat). During the day I’d typically eat bananas in the form of nice cream. For dinner, I’d have gluten-free pasta or rice with veggies. (I have loads of nice cream recipes in my e-book if you’re curious.)

Over the next year, I started to eat more bread and pizza (without any vegan cheese). I was still drinking coffee and soy lattes at this time and ate out whenever I felt like it. My favourite foods were Mexican or Thai, veggie sandwiches, or pizza when eating out. Friday was my ‘treat’ day as the donut shop in Pismo beach offered vegan donuts every Friday. These were seriously the best vegan donuts I’ve had—apart from my own, of course.

I felt like my diet was clean enough at the time. For the most part, I avoided salt and overt fats when cooking at home but occasionally indulged in nut butter or avocado. Eating out was a different story. I didn’t eat out too often in California, but I’d let myself enjoy fatty or salty foods as long as they were vegan. My sensitive stomach wasn’t able to handle eating this way, but I learned to manage it, meaning I’d just expect to suffer for a few hours or for the rest of the day if I chose to eat something too fatty.

Then I moved to Glasgow this past December. I spent my first weekend in Glasgow at VegFest, where I ate myself sick (literally—my stomach was not happy!) for two days straight sampling all the vegan goodies I could get my hands on. Almost all of my healthy eating went out the window. Glasgow is home to 5 all-vegan restaurants and countless other restaurants and cafés offer vegan-friendly fare. Vegan markets and fairs are a regular occurrence, and several tasty vegan food businesses (cheeses, chocolates, mock-meats…you name it) call Glasgow or nearby Edinburgh their home.

This was my first time living abroad and finding myself alone in a vegan foodie’s paradise didn’t help my diet. I ate out often in Glasgow because I wanted to try all the vegan options available (and post drool-worthy photos to Instagram, to be honest!) and didn’t really know how to socialise without food. I was meeting new vegans every day, and usually, we’d plan to meet up for lunch, dinner, or coffee so eating out was a major part of my life.

And then my diet got much worse when I started making donuts regularly. As you can imagine, having freshly fried pastry at your fingertips is never a good idea. I could never just eat one!

All of these food experiences were fun (and I don’t regret them at all), but often I’d suffer from stomach cramps and tummy troubles. High-fat food does NOT agree with my body. I suffer the consequences every time, no matter if it’s something fried, avocado, or plain nuts, my body does not digest fats easily. Even so, I continued to eat unhealthily as I settled into Glasgow.

It wasn’t until my first conversation with Kuba (my boyfriend) that I realised the sad state of my diet. We were at a vegan potluck at my friend’s place (cute, right?) and he casually mentioned that he only eats raw fruits and steamed veggies, so he wouldn’t be partaking in most of the food offered there (he brought fruit to share instead). Truth be told, I was captivated by him before we even arrived at the potluck, but upon learning that he was practically a raw foodist, I was even MORE fascinated by him. I remember thinking to myself, no wonder he looks so radiant!

Hearing him explain his diet and how he has thrived on fruit for over a year now, how he shed a little over 20 kilos effortlessly, and how all of his health issues disappeared motivated me to get back on track. I had no idea that we’d end up dating, but I felt drawn to him and compelled to try eating this way. That night after the potluck, I stocked up on fruit and committed to giving this fruit lifestyle a solid try.

We started dating two weeks after the potluck and I moved in with him about a month after that. I wasn’t able to completely clean up my diet overnight, but I gradually moved away from processed foods, practically quit eating out, and conquered my long-battled caffeine addiction once and for all. Thanks to my boyfriend for helping me through everything!

Since my diet is so clean, I’m much more in tune with my body. I’m better able to regulate my hunger and now I don’t just resort to eating when I’m bored or stressed. When I do deviate from clean eating, like when I tried a wee piece of raw vegan cheesecake here in Berlin, my stomach quickly reminds me WHY I started avoiding foods like this in the first place.

I rarely eat out because I prefer plain fruit and veggies. It’s difficult to find sit-down restaurants or café-type places that cater to ‘fruit vegans.’ And if places do offer a fruit bowl or a smoothie, usually the price of these are ridiculously high compared to the cost of the same fruit in a grocery store. I’d rather save my money and buy more fruit for my buck instead!

Now my diet consists of fresh fruit and steamed veggies, nothing more. I recently decided to eliminate rice from my diet as well. I eat this way because my body craves fruit. I’d rather eat cherries, watermelon, and peaches over vegan chili dogs, nachos, or donuts any day! I have more energy, my mind is clear, and am overflowing with happiness thanks to this fruit lifestyle!

I have my boyfriend to thank for my simplified diet and lifestyle. He inspires me to be the best person I can be and I’m very lucky to have him.

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