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Berlin isn’t for me

My usual Tuesday rituals since arriving in Berlin include the Turkish Market and feasting on cherries, but for some reason today I couldn’t be bothered with it.

I feel like I’m tapped out on Berlin activities. I still have a few things on my ‘must-see’ list, including parks and other markets, but lately, I lack the motivation and enthusiasm to venture out every day.

I’m underwhelmed with Berlin at the moment. I arrived just over 2 weeks ago, so maybe I’ve been here for too long. This city seems to be better suited for vegan foodies who eat out often. I can’t count the number of vegan restaurants and cafés recommended to me by friends, so if you eat food other than fruits and veggies and have the money to spare, you’d be spoilt for choice here. The few raw restaurants I have tried were lovely, but as expected when eating out, the portions were meagre for the price. Nevertheless, I do have a few more on my ‘must-see’ list.

Berlin isn’t so bad for high carb low fat vegans either, as shops like Aldi and Rewe usually have all the fruit and veggies I need for an affordable price. And with markets like the Turkish one available twice per week, I’m never without fresh produce.

These shots are from my visit to the market last Friday. I couldn’t resist posting them here as a reminder of what I missed today.


Even so, Berlin just doesn’t seem like a good fit for me. I feel the same way about London each time I visit there. After 2-3 days, I’ve had enough. Londoners were always in a hurry, distant, and not very friendly. I felt like a nuisance no matter what, even when visiting cafés or restaurants! (The Scottish, however, happen to be the complete opposite.)

In Berlin, everyone seems to be in a rush to go nowhere, especially in the shops. I feel like I move fairly quickly no matter where I am or what I’m doing (because of all that fruit energy, no doubt), yet I still don’t move fast enough for most people here. If you can’t simultaneously bag your own groceries while paying for them in a fraction of a nanosecond, be prepared for several disapproving glances as you pack up your things while the customer behind you pushes you along with their cart.

This stressed me out the first few times, but now I take my own sweet time (with a huge smile on my face, of course).

Interestingly, I haven’t had any bad experiences with people working in cafés or restaurants. This might be because I tend to frequent all-vegan places…maybe vegans are a friendlier lot in general?

So in sum, I’m grateful for all my experiences here in Berlin (the good and the bad) and fortunate for this opportunity to connect with several cool people. I’m glad I’m able to visit Berlin as I’ve heard so much about it from several vegans in Scotland. Now I can finally cross it off my list. I wouldn’t mind visiting Berlin again, but only for 2-3 days as opposed to 3 weeks.

That being said, I’m so ready to head to Poland this Saturday!

The most obvious reason is that I’ll be reunited with my boyfriend. I’ve never been to Poland before so I don’t know what to expect. I’m also learning Polish (at least I was before my phone was stolen), so I’m excited to be immersed in a language that I’m learning, as opposed to being immersed in German and not having a clue.

My two weeks spent in Poland will also serve as a blogging holiday. I may post updates every few days if I feel like it, but I can’t commit to daily blog posts while in Poland. This is because I won’t have access to the internet 24/7 since I’ll be camping in the woods. I also want to completely focus all my time and energy on my boyfriend since I haven’t seen him in weeks.

After Poland, I’ll be back in Berlin for six days before flying to Palma de Mallorca. Who knows what I’ll be up to at that point! I hope I can stay busy in the meantime.

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