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How much do I spend on food? (in Berlin)

This is how much I’ve spent on food for the past seven days. This includes all the food I’ve purchased in shops and markets.

Keep in mind, the amount I spend per week will differ from the amount you spend because our individual caloric needs and preferences vary and because we most likely live in completely different parts of the world.

I keep track of every penny I spend with the Trail Wallet app on my phone. This app is perfect for nomads as it gives you the option to track your spending in multiple currencies. It converts expenses into your ‘home currency’ (USD for me) to give you a better perspective on how much you spend as you travel.

As of today, $1 equals €0.88. I have a set amount of USD to spend each month, so I’m curious to see how the exchange rate fluctuates from day to day.

Some insights from this week:

  • The strawberries at the street stalls are indeed the tastiest strawberries I’ve had in Berlin, but these are more expensive than the ones I can find in stores.
  • I shouldn’t food shop while hungry because I’ll end up splurging on raspberries from Lidl. They were tasty but pricey!
  • Gluten-free pasta and rice are cheap calorie-dense meals. I started eating these again since arriving in Berlin. I’ve been walking much more here than I did in Scotland, so I need to eat more calories than I’m used to. I still plan on eating mostly fruit, but it’s nice to know I can have some gluten-free pasta or rice when I need it. Of course, I can always eat more potatoes as these are higher in calories. I haven’t found decent small potatoes since arriving here, however. I miss my Tesco!

I ate out twice this week. These expenses aren’t high compared to what most people spend on eating out during the week, but I should still limit it to once a week at most. Ideally, I shouldn’t eat out at all since I’m trying to follow a budget. Eating out is far too expensive!

I also purchased a few other non-food things this week: Skype credit ($4.99), shampoo since not washing my hair isn’t working for me anymore (€9.90), a train ticket to Poland (€44), and a one-way train ticket (€2.70) for my visit to the Reichstag the other day.

Overall I’ve spent €128.19 on food total for the past 7 days, or roughly $145.

This is close to what I spent each week while living in Scotland. There I’d spend around £400 per month on food (which equates to $580 or €510). I’d like to spend less than that here, so maybe supplementing my diet with rice and gluten-free pasta will help. These tend to be cheaper than fruits because they are higher in calories. Not eating out will also help me save money. I’ll try to avoid that this week.

I had cherries for breakfast today. These cherries from the Turkish Market are worth every cent!


Do you keep track of your spending?

How much do you spend on food?

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