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Turkish Market in Berlin: Take 2

The weather has been perfect the past couple of days! This is far from the sweltering heat I endured when I first arrived in Berlin. You will never hear me complain about the sunshine, though. I’ll take all the Vitamin D I can get.

Today I met up with a new friend from Couchsurfing for my second visit to the Turkish Market. It’s so refreshing to meet other independent and well-travelled women! We arrived at the market just as it opened at 11 this morning. I’m glad we did because it wasn’t as busy as last Friday afternoon. We had plenty of room to pass through the market several times and didn’t have to wait in line for our fresh-squeezed orange juice. The perks of arriving early!

As I mentioned in my previous post, this market is massive! Two corridors of stalls line the canal along Maybachufer in the Kreuzberg district. It takes place from 11-630 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays. Here you’ll find stalls offering fresh fruit and veggies, bulk spices, baked goods, flowers, so many rolls of fabric, clothes, handmade jewellery, shoes, and much more. Just remember to bring cash.

As we browsed the stalls searching for cherries, we noticed several cooked food options for vegans, including falafel, all sorts of veggie salads and curries, lots of bread, wraps, olives, nuts and sweet stuff. These foods looked delicious but with so much fresh fruit available, I wouldn’t want to eat anything else.


I picked up a kilo of cherries for 4 euros, just like last time, as well as a giant piece of watermelon for less than 3. The watermelon was to die for! I posted a photo on Instagram if you need something to drool over.

I’ll try the mangoes next time because I couldn’t carry them today. My bag was full of watermelon and cherries—fruit vegan problems!

Today was a good day. As expected, the fruit was amazing but the chat was even better! Meeting new people can be stressful and a bit scary, especially if you are in a new city, but this is a fear we can all overcome to some degree. I met most of my closest friends purely by chance. Who knows who you’ll meet if you take a wee risk and put yourself out there!

That being said, if you are a woman travelling alone, I don’t recommend meeting up with men from or any online site. Don’t do it! Meet up with other women instead. Read through their profiles online and have some chat beforehand. If you feel comfortable, arrange to meet them in a public place. Let someone else know where you are meeting as an extra precaution.

I’m hoping to meet up with another woman from Couchsurfing sometime this week. Wish me luck!

How do you feel about meeting people from online websites?

Have you used before?

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