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Treptower Park in Berlin

I hoped for a lazy day today as I’ve walked a considerable amount every day since I arrived in Berlin.

I figured I’d go for a brief wander around Treptower Park, gather some fruit at Aldi and come home. But because I’m easily distracted and veer off course often, my short walk turned into an 8.5-mile trek!

I’m learning to always pack my bag with snacks so I can stay fuelled properly throughout the day. All this walking adds up quickly! I needed a snack for today’s journey so I swung by Veganz and picked up a wee bag of banana chips for less than a euro. (Buy the bulk chips and bag them yourself as they are much cheaper than the pre-packaged ones.)

Treptower Park is a short 30-minute walk away from where I’m staying. I wouldn’t mind having a bike in Berlin as I’d be able to get around faster than walking, but the downside is that I wouldn’t be able to take as many photos. I may decide to rent a bike for a day or two just for fun, but right now I’d rather spend that money on food (specifically fresh cherries from the Turkish Market).

Berlin differs greatly from Glasgow (and Scotland, in general) because cycling is immensely popular here. Most paved walking paths alongside roads have designated lanes for bicycles. These lanes are very busy, so pay attention and stay in your lane!

Some other differences: the sun shines brightly during the day, Germans drive on the right side of the road, and everyone seems to know what ‘vegan’ means. I like it!

After a nice walk in the sunshine and several photographs later, I’m in the middle of a forested oasis right along the Spree River.

Treptower Park is located in south-central Berlin. This large grassy park is perfect for picnics, all-vegan BBQs, and sunbathing. Head across the main road away from the riverfront to enter the larger part of the park. Here you’ll find bike trails leading you to a Soviet War Memorial and a man-made lake.

Even though I only walked 8.5 miles today, my feet are killing me! I think my feet need more time to adjust to walking in these barefoot sandals by Xero Shoes.

And clearly I’m not used to walking this much every single day. Currently, my daily average is 9.4 miles. When I lived in Dundee, I usually only managed to go for long walks on the weekends. Some days I didn’t walk at all as I spent the entire day writing at home.

That being said, I’m determined to have a lazy day tomorrow.

What’s your idea of a perfect lazy Sunday?

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