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Berlin’s Turkish Market

I started my Friday by booking my train ticket to Poznań. Yay!

I’ll be in Poland for two weeks starting June 18th. I doubt I’ll be able to sleep the night before because I’ll be too excited to see my boyfriend again. It feels like I left him and Scotland ages ago but it’s only been 5 days….This is going to be a long 6 months apart!

I booked my ticket online. I didn’t find the Deutsche Bahn website as user-friendly as the Trainline website in the UK, but finally managed to book my ticket for €48 after several attempts.

With the ticket confirmation in my inbox, I enjoyed the last of my strawberries, peaches, and apple juice for breakfast and set off for the Turkish Market.

The Turkish Market is located along the canal on Maybachufer in the Kreuzberg district. It takes place from 11-630 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays.

This has to be the largest market I’ve ever seen! It was so busy I could barely walk through.

While this market offered an impressive selection of produce, I didn’t feel comfortable taking my time to examine everything I wanted, let alone take photos. It was just too busy! I couldn’t resist these cherries, though. Just look at them!

I scored a kilo of cherries for €4. This may not have been the cheapest price of cherries at the market, as several vendors offered them, but I’m more than happy with the cost. That’s less than $5 per kilo. So cheap!

I snacked on a few while soaking up the sun along the canal. Talk about a perfect day!

I’ll try this market again this coming Tuesday but I’ll get there straight away at 11. Hopefully, it will be less crowded. I also need to remember to bring my own fork and knife so I can gorge myself on some fresh watermelon.

Have you visited the Turkish Market in Berlin?

What did you buy?

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