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My typical day living in Berlin

I’m drawn to free activities and being outside. So far I’ve chosen to explore Berlin on foot. Every day I aim to walk to and from destinations located at least an hour walk from where I live. Not only is walking good exercise and free, but it also allows me to explore different parts of the city each time I venture out. Walking everywhere does take more time, but I prefer this slow method of travel because it gives me time to appreciate all the details.

I appreciate the small things so I want to notice everything I can.

Today I walked over 10 miles around Berlin. I spend quite a lot of time looking up to the sky, searching for interesting compositions or patterns.

Today I planned to walk to a market in Kollwitzplatz. This market takes place from 12-7 on Thursdays and 9-4 on Saturdays. I knew it would take me about an hour to walk there so I figured why not!

Also, I knew that Rawtastic would be located in the same area. I’ve been eyeing Rawtastic ever since my friend Ivy visited the joint for her birthday. Her drool-worthy photo of her dessert, a beautifully marbled raw chocolate and hazelnut cake, is what hooked me on trying this place!

About halfway through my walk, I found myself in Volkspark Friedrichshain, an expansive green space with trails, shady trees, water fountains, and plenty of happy dogs enjoying the sunshine as much as their owners! It’s so nice to have a large park like this in the middle of the city for a peaceful respite from the bustling city streets.

After a much-needed break in the park, I headed to Rawtastic for lunch. Rawtastic is Berlin’s first 100% fully raw vegan restaurant.

I ordered the power rolls (an appetizer on Rawtastic’s menu) for my main course. The power rolls are wrapped in rice paper and stuffed with spiralised beetroot and courgette, white cabbage, carrot, bell pepper, and various greens. Served with a spicy almond sauce, these rolls are fresh and delicious! I could have eaten several servings of these but decided to save myself for a wee slice of raspberry cheesecake.

After lunch, I moseyed over to the market at Kollwitzplatz. Based on my research online, I expected a large market with dozens of vendors and plenty of fresh produce. Sadly, I was disappointed in this market as it didn’t offer much produce let alone fruit besides apples. The market at Kollwitzplatz also runs on Saturdays from 9-4, so maybe I’ll check it out one more time. At the very least it will give me an excuse to swing by Rawtastic again!

On my way back to the flat I finally gave in and purchased some strawberries from a wee Karl Edbeeren stall on a street corner. I couldn’t resist the sweet smell of strawberries warmed in the sun! I purchased a kilo for €6.90 and scoffed them for dinner along with half a kilo of raspberries once I returned home.

Tomorrow I plan on checking out the Turkish market because my flatmate’s beau, an ultimate vegan foodie, raves about it. It takes place Tuesday and Friday afternoons along the canal in Kreuzberg. I’m excited to see what this other market has to offer.

Today was a great day, like every day really! Every day I wake up happy to be alive, and happy that I exist in this place and time and that I’ve lived through all my past experiences, both the good and the bad, because these experiences made me into the person I am today.

I think I’m starting to get used to Berlin after being here for a few days. What a great feeling!

Have you visited Berlin before?

How do you experience a new place?

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