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What I eat in a day – Saturday.

I have one more day of tracking my food intake. Tomorrow’s post will include my food diary from Sunday. Tuesday’s post will be a summary of the week.

This post contains my food diary entry from Saturday.

April 23 Saturday

  • 2123 calories total: 91.5% from carbs, 5.7% from protein, 2.8% from fat.
  • Breakfast – one bag mango (pre-sliced from Tesco), blueberries, half pack grapes.
  • Lunch – pack grapes.
  • Dinner – roasted mushrooms, steamed potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, green beans.
  • Snack – 2 packs grapes.


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Saturday was my most active day of the week. I walked nearly 13 miles around Glasgow. For the majority of the week, I walked around 3 miles per day with the exception of Friday when I walked 7.59 miles. Even though I was most active on Saturday, I was surprised to find out I ate the least yesterday–only 2183 calories. I was busy running around Glasgow and a bit distracted so I deviated from my daily lunch routine.

I felt hungry later so I ate two more packs of grapes a few hours after our usual steamed veggie dinner. Previously, I experienced tummy troubles when I ate fruit following a cooked veggie meal, but now I don’t have any issues if I wait a bit.

Does your weekend routine differ from your routine during the week? How does it affect your meals?

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Ok, that does it! We seriously gotta meet next time you happen to be in the East of England (or London, I suppose, as it isn’t too far away from my location).

Definitely! I’ll be back for 5 months after my Thailand trip at the end of the year. My home base will still be Scotland but I plan on exploring England as well. That would be fun! 🙂

High five on the ridiculously low cholesterol!

Maybe I should drink more water. It couldn’t hurt! I also have a Nalgene. 🙂

That’s right, I forget you love your greens! Greens are loaded with protein. I wish more people realised that. People are shocked when I tell them grapes have protein…LOL!!

I am not the biggest fan of grapes, as the only ones I see in the shops are seedless and I prefer seeded ones. Either way, my true fruit loves are white grapefruit & apples. I’m currently in a massive denial that as Winter is going away, so are my beloved grapefruit & apples. :-/ That’s the only reason my breakfasts lately have been barley & rye with dried fruit, lol.

Hey, gal – I’m Trey (Insidious_Ink on IG). Love your blog.

Interesting post, indeed. I know it is usually frowned upon in the HCLF vegan community & perceived as an eating disorder, but I do log my food on Cronometer religiously, purely to be sure I am getting enough sodium (I had issues with low sodium, due to my devoid of sodium diet & 8-9 L of water drinking per day).

Long story short, our Cronometer profiles look very similar, but for example yesterday’s macronutrient breakdown was, as follows:

1935 kCal

75.2 g Protein
324.5 g Carbs
8.9 g Fat


Hey! 🙂 Thanks for reading my posts!

I like using Cronometer because I like knowing *exactly* how much I’m eating and what % of each micronutrient I’m consuming…but it does turn into an obsession for me. It drives me crazy not to know the exact weight of everything! I have a kitchen scale but I’m not sure I want to take it with me while I’m travelling, and there are some situations where I can’t weigh everything (like with my boyfriend and I share meals–I just have to estimate that we split it 50/50).

I noticed I don’t drink water anymore…it must be because I eat so much fruit during the day. I used to drink 3+ liters of water every day, but I never feel thirsty now. How did you know you weren’t eating enough sodium? :/

Do you get most of your protein from rice?

I had my blood work done a day after my 3-year “Veganniversary” & too little Sodium was the only irregularity, apart from ridiculously low cholesterol, lol.

I can’t imagine a day without getting through 4-5x of my 1.5 L “Nalgene” water bottles. Most of my protein comes from greens (36.0 g Protein a day comes purely from my greens, which essentially translates to my 1x kg bowls of kale or collard greens). The rest is brown rice & lentils.

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