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What I eat in a day – Wednesday.

I will continue these Cronometer food diary posts for a week. At the end of the week, I’ll provide a summary of everything I’ve eaten, rough cost estimate, and food preparation tips.

This post contains my food diary entry from Wednesday.

April 20 Wednesday

  • 2742 calories total: 91.5% from carbs, 5.6% from protein, 2.8% from fat.
  • Breakfast – pack grapes, small pack blueberries, 2 giant bananas.
  • Lunch – 2 plums, 3 kiwis, large pack raspberries, pack grapes.
  • Snack – pack grapes.
  • Dinner – steamed sweet potatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, green beans, and spinach.

april 20 01april 20 02april 20 03april 20 04

This is the most complete day out of the week so far. I’m only missing B12. I came up short in selenium and calcium, but could easily eat extra mushrooms, sweet potatoes, or even a Brazil nut or two if I wanted more selenium. Extra sweet potatoes would give me more calcium as well, or I could snack on more grapes during the day. I had no idea grapes contained calcium. I just know I’m addicted to them!

Surprisingly, I consumed 97% of my daily omega 3 allowance, mostly from raspberries! Raspberries also contain omega 6. I had no idea I could find omega fatty acids in fruits and veggies. Often people assume we need to eat fish or flaxseeds in order to consume fatty acids, but now I know we can simply eat raspberries instead. Sweet! Fill up on raspberries and skip the flaxseeds.

(I hovered over each micronutrient in my Cronometer food diary to see which foods contained that specific micronutrient.)

april 20 omega 3april 20 omega 6april 20 calciumapril 20 selenium

Do you use Cronometer? What have you learned about your eating habits?

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