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Eat without restriction

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Being vegan doesn’t guarantee health or wellness. All vegans avoid the use of animal products but some of us (surprisingly!) don’t care for fruits and veggies. No disrespect to the junk food vegans out there, but I choose to fuel my body and mind with nutritious food because I want to feel the best I can.

One of the biggest perks to following a high carb low fat diet is that you can eat as much food as you care for (relative to your activity level). You will never need to worry about eating too many calories. You just can’t overeat on fruits and veggies because they contain so much fibre. In fact, you will probably be so full of fibre that you stop eating before you’ve consumed sufficient calories. While fruits and veggies are nutritionally dense, they are lower in calories so you will need to eat more in one sitting or eat frequently throughout the day.

At first glance, it might seem like I’m restricting myself from eating vegan comfort foods like mac and cheese, pizza, and donuts, but honestly, it isn’t a struggle at all. I don’t even want to eat these foods. I just don’t crave them anymore. Either I don’t like following rules or I just have no willpower, because if I tell myself I can’t eat something, that’s the first thing on my mind. I wouldn’t be able to survive eating this way long-term if I restricted myself.

Instead, I allow myself to eat any foods I want. If I do want to eat vegan mac and cheese for dinner someday, I would eat it without an ounce of guilt. Even with this freedom, I still choose to eat fruit all day long followed by a giant plate full of steamed veggies and potatoes for dinner.

To me, nothing tastes as good as grapes or blueberries, steamed sweet potatoes or broccoli. I’d eat these over a vegan pizza any day!

Do you like fruits and veggies? Could you eat them all day, every day?

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