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Could you fit your life into two bags? 

I sold and rehomed all of my belongings this past year before I moved to Scotland.

Now my stuff fits into two bags and I hope to own even less by the time I head to Berlin. Owning very little gives me the freedom to pick up and move whenever I like.

I didn’t plan on becoming a full-blown minimalist when I started getting rid of all my stuff last year. I was simplifying my life out of necessity. I wanted to move overseas and travel freely, and I couldn’t be bothered to ship my belongings.

This is the video that motivated me to start my journey into minimalism. I hope it inspires you the way it inspired me to declutter my life and my mind.

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[…] It wasn’t easy at first because I blamed a lack of money, my place of work, or where I lived for my unhappiness in life. Once I realised happiness comes down to how you perceive your circumstances, I decided to only focus on the positive things in my life and eliminated the negative. This included purging negative thoughts from my mind, as well as negative relationships, my job, and nearly all of my material possessions. […]

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